Watch it: Noam Chomsky on Propaganda – The Big Idea

“The Big Idea” – a half-hour interview between Noam Chomsky and British journalist Andrew Marr, first aired by the BBC in February 1996.

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David Walters: Oklahoma Economic Shortfall

david_waltersOur elected officials have made it official! Oklahoma is looking at a $1.3 billion shortfall in public funding. Republican officials blame the shortfall on the cyclical nature of the oil industry, but a review of the numbers says that simply is not true. Responsibility for this disaster rests solidly at the feet of conservative lawmakers. Their constant attacks on state funding mechanisms and state services have led us to this point. Read more.

– David Walters was the 24th governor of Oklahoma and is president of OKC-based Walters Power International. This essay was edited by Larry Stone, a high tech entrepreneur and self-styled recovering former Republican.

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Lawton Constitution – everyone is free to hold an opinion

Where to start? Reading the opinion page of the Lawton Constitution, specifically the article headlined ‘Some news you haven’t heard: Fracking cut greenhouse gases’ has me wondering just how low the extreme right can stoop when trying to discredit the US Government.
I am trying to understand what requisites a ‘distinguished visiting fellow’ at the Heritage Foundation has to exhibit other than the ability to be anti-regulation and anti-government.
Read the article very carefully. The writer, Stephen Moore, (born February 16, 1960) is an American economic writer and policy analyst. He founded and served as president of the Club for Growth from 1999 to 2004. Moore is a former member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board. In 2014, The Heritage Foundation announced that Moore would become its chief economist. In 2015, Moore’s title at Heritage changed from Chief Economist to Distinguished Visiting Fellow. Moore is known for advocating free-market policies and supply-side economics. He is simply a minion of the Koch philosophy of governing. In the past, he has been called out for his questionable use of information and melding personal opinion with half truths and presenting them as facts.
The article starts by presenting information from US Department of energy about the reduction in carbon emissions over the past 14 years. He then spends the bulk of his effort at discounting and denying the role of other US Governmental agencies in these reductions.
The reductions are the result of Fracking, not the efforts to regulate pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. He points to the shift from coal to natural gas and, of course, fracking as a way to get at the gas deposits, as the main contributing factor.
He then attacks all things liberal and infers that fracking has been reviled by environmental groups. He asserts that wind and solar are ‘hopelessly uncompetitive’ and that electric cars are a losing endeavor.
His purpose is obvious. He is a shill for the fossil fuel industry. His blatant disregard for alternative energy research while espousing worn out arguments in favor of carbon emitting fuel makes him lack real credibility.
He also seems to be totally devoid of any information regarding the correlation between the process and increased seismic activity.
The entire article exemplifies the type of writing Mr. Moore has been called out for, in the past.
But, as the Managing Editor of the Lawton Constitution once told me – everyone is free to hold an opinion
So long as a distinction between opinion and scientific is recognized.

Don Nelson

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Saturday.4/2 at the Capitol Rally for better legislation from Oklahoma Legislature

This gallery contains 17 photos.

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What is a Progressive?

The most absurd assertion in the media coverage of the 2016 Democratic presidential race—and that’s a high bar in a year where media coverage has been monumentally absurd—is the suggestion that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been arguing about who is more progressive.

Sanders and Clinton are not arguing about who is more progressive. That would require them to have a shared definition of progressivism. They don’t.

They are speaking different languages that happen to use the same word. I understand this because I have watched the evolution of the word “progressive” from an expression of political radicalism to an expression of political caution.

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What A Riot!!!

The Donald insists that if he is not made the nominee at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, “There will be riots, riots.”  This blog post is not about arguing whether or not The Donald is inciting violence, that is another discussion that has the […]

Source: What A Riot!!!

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What Would Bernie Sanders Do?


DSC00395If Bernie Sanders does not get the Democratic nomination, which presidential candidate will he vote for in the general election: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or Hillary Clinton?

The question is not what any of us would do in November; I’ve heard everything on facebook I can stand on that matter. The question is, “What would Bernie do?” I’d like to know because that might be what I would like to do; that is, do what Bernie does. That “If-not-Bernie-I-will-stay-home” mantra may not be right for me.

I already know that Sanders has promised not to run as an independent. That was the promise he made back in a few month’s ago. He said in the interview broadcast by C-SPAN.

“No, I made the promise that I would not and I will keep that promise. And the reason for that is I do not want to be responsible for electing some right-wing Republican to be president of the United States.” – Bernie Sanders

At the moment, all I only know is that Sanders will not run as an independent. Therefore, I will not run as an independent, either. That is, if I was running which I am not. But if I was I wouldn’t. Let’s get that straight, right now.  But what about voting?

Would Sanders vote for Clinton? Somebody ask him. I do not wish to be presumptuous.

What I want to know is how he will vote in the possibility that he doesn’t get the nomination; so I can perhaps follow his lead. He has spent a lot more time in Washington than I have. (I think I spent one day there when I was three years old)

The last time I was excited about a presidential candidate was in the 1980s. I remember doing calls for Jesse Jackson during the 1984 campaign. Back then, Bernie Sanders endorsed Jackson for president. Bernie and I thought alike then and I’d like to think that we think alike today. Bernie and I liked Jackson’s ideas and plans for America and were excited. When Jackson didn’t get the Democratic nomination, I decided to follow Jesse’s ideas on voting, too. We, Jesse and I (and I bet Bernie, too) voted for the Democratic nominee. Sadly, we lost–to Reagan– but we lost together. In November with Sanders, I would like to do the same– vote like Sanders, with Bernie Sanders–either way it goes for him. Hopefully, this time, we will not lose.

My mind is made up. I have decided to do what Bernie Sanders will do. Whatever that will be.

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