The Field of Dreams. That is the 2016 GOP hopefuls

A field of dreams? I actually believe it would be more correct to paint them as delusional than as dreamers. Take the lot of them they are unabashed panders all. Tea Partiers almost to a fault. They are all (save one or two) government haters who want to lead the government of the United States. How does that work? If you hate government of all types why would you want to be in charge of it? Maybe to destroy it? Nothing else makes any sense.

And given the bent of these clowns why would anyone want to vote to put any one of them in charge of our government, given their expressed aims are to destroy it? Okay let’s elect Ted Cruz so he can do away with the most free government ever devised. Yes doesn’t that make perfect sense?

Yeah, if you have just been placed in an asylum for the insane, maybe it would make perfect sense. But placing someone in charge of a government of free citizens, that hates that very government and whose express aim is to do everything within their power to destroy it! Why?

And don’t give that crap about well that’s just rhetoric because if it is just rhetoric then we should not be taking any of these people seriously enough to even consider them as a viable candidate. If it is just political pandering and they really don’t mean what they say then why would you want to vote to put an expressed liar in the White House?

And when you look at their qualifications for leading is when you should really start to panic. They are scary in the main and really scary when you place their abilities under intense scrutinity. Scott Walker thinks he can handle ISIS because he handled a large group of peaceful protestors. ISIS is a terrorist organization they have weapons of mass destruction. Comparing them to men and women exercising their right to protest peacefully is nothing short of ignorant or in the main an act of arrogance.

He also thinks being an Eagle Scout as a kid makes him qualified to be Commander in Chief of the military. Wow! I was a Life Scout, does that qualify me to be Secretary of State? Being a boy scout is a good thing and it helps teach kids about responsibility or at least I have always thought it did, until Scott Walker came a long.

Then there isTed Cruz. A man whose main qualification to be president is that he hates the very government he seeks to lead. And you don’t have to take my word for it that he hates our government. He has lead the charge to shut it down more than once. And he loves the persona he has created for himself. That of someone who sounds and acts crazy. It may just be an act but it seems pretty real and act or not why would you want to put a certified crazy or even a pretend crazy in charge of a government he loves to hate?

There is a lot of others of varying degrees of credibility or the lack thereof, as the case may be made for every single one of them in one way or another. They all want to destroy government in this country as we know in one way or the other. They would all end the Affordable Health Care Act, even though it has become so successful that emergency in some states where the act has begun to be fully realized have had to close their doors because of the drop in people without insurance filling them up on a 24/7 basis. And it’s not being decried by the people working in those ER’s because now they all can go back to doing medicine the way it should be practiced.

They would destroy Social Security and Medicare, two of the most successful government programs ever devised. Both are solvent and sound and cost the taxpayers almost nothing to administer and yet each one of the GOP candidates would end them both tomorrow if they could. Millions of lives have been saved and improved by Social Security and Medicare. So why would you want to destroy that? Millions of our seniors have been able to live out their twilight years with dignity and in good health, because of social security and Medicare. They are programs that save lives and they aren’t government programs that cost the government money. All of the funding for both programs comes from those who will eventually reap the benefits of them.

The GOP once fielded candidates who loved this country, who cared about our seniors, our students and minorities. What happened to those people? What happened to the Republican Party? Why and how did it become a collection of mean spirited haters of all things American? Lincoln would be appalled. Teddy Roosevelt would start another Bull Moose Party. Everrit Dirkson would have quit the party he loved a long time ago. Dwight David Eisenhower would probably be running for president nowadays as a Democrat.

Those were some deeply conservative members, but they all had a social conscience and they all cared more about their country and the citizens they served than they did of protecting a few tight-assed billionaires. Billionaires who want only one thing: to control every aspect of life of the rest of us and in their greed want to destroy the greatest free nation ever devised.

Abraham Lincoln would not understand the party he helped found. He would be aghast at what has become it. It may call itself the Grand Old Party of Lincoln but if he were alive today he would ask them to refrain from associating his name with a party that has become so mean spirited and bigoted that it would for Honest Abe be totally unrecognizable.

Bob Bearden

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“The Great Wall Of China On The Rio Grande”: The Real Costs Of Foolish Plans To ‘Secure’ The Border

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Sen. Ted Cruz launched his bid for the Republican presidential nomination this week by promising to “finally, finally, finally secure the borders” and put an end to unauthorized immigration. This will warm the hearts of restrictionists, no doubt. But it should scare Americans who love their pocketbooks and liberties more than they hate undocumented Latino immigrants.

Restrictionists accuse many of these immigrants of being welfare queens who come to America illegally and live off taxpayers. Cruz has contributed to the hysteria by proposing bills barring undocumented workers from ever receiving any means-tested benefits, presumably even after they become legal.

Accusations that undocumented Latinos strain the welfare system are a red herring. If anything, immigrants, legal and illegal, constitute something of a welfare windfall. How? By coming to this country during their peak working years, after another society has borne the cost of raising and educating them, they save our…

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Advice for Young People: Sneak in Prohibiting Laws with the Help of Religious Folks

0351The use of religious fanatics is not new. Where else can one find the best human resource around for aid in ones gains in such things as: land grabs, discrimination, torture, plunder of foreign and domestic resources–anything one might desire?  This has been true throughout history even long before the Crusades. Getting a movement of the people going is important when the goal is excessive unabashed wealth and power. And it can be tricky.  Yet if one is to get everything one desires one does have that powerful resource available– religious fire on demand and in mass. If one can effectively harness that resource, how lucky, how happy you should be the closer to your desires you get. Let’s talk about only one prize, though.  The desire we will mention more of here is business.

Too Much Drinkin’

If one can recall something about the Alcohol prohibition in the US, Canada, and Russia in the 1920s, religious fanatics, the Carrie Nations of the Earth, were used to help push through Laws prohibiting the use of alcohol. The result was not that all the drunks went away but that renewable farm plants going to fuel production became less abundant. The Laws really helped secure dominance in the 20th Century for the powerful oil barons we still see today. Yes, historical evidence can be found to support the fact that those laws really didn’t do much to stop drinkin’ and Party-in’.

Sneak prohibiting laws through with the help of religious folks; it works.

What actually happen was that, remember, Ford’s first cars ran on alcohol but due to Prohibition he had to switch the engines to run on fossil fuels.

“The fuel of the future” which “is going to come from fruit like that sumach out by the road, or from apples, weeds, sawdust — almost anything. There is fuel in every bit of vegetable matter that can be fermented. There’s enough alcohol in one year’s yield of an acre of potatoes to drive the machinery necessary to cultivate the fields for a hundred years.” Henry Ford

A reduction of farm products in favor of  fossil fuel had to occur due to a Constitutional Amendment. Standard Oil pushed for Prohibition  and along with the Temperance movement for moral support, they and got it– they gathered all the business into one pile, won the day, dominated the fuel industry in the 20th and 21st Centuries, and ruled the roads of every modern car owner everywhere.

“He (John Rockefeller) gave the equivalent of $60 million in today’s dollars to an obscure group pushing for prohibition called the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. As we know, his contribution to the outlawing of the production and sale of alcohol was successful. Of course, Rockefeller and the oil companies reaped tremendous profits as a result. Remember that the period covered by the 18th Amendment (1919-1933) coincided with the huge rise in the sale and operation of automobiles. America was on the move, and all of these cars
were now operated solely on gasoline. By the time that the 21st Amendment was passed, ending the prohibition of alcohol, the standard was already set and worked completely in the favor of the Rockefeller family.” – The Green Pulpit

By the end of Prohibition cars never did go back to alcohol–the switch was in effect complete. All that with a little help of “moral God-fearing” fanatics–the grunt work. Thanks Fanatics.

Too Much Pot Smokin’

Same applied to hemp. Fanatics hated the getting high plants yet the industrial hemp was banned along with it. Ford even made a car equipped with hemp fiber parts but he had to scrap the idea. Think about how the manufacturer of hemp automobiles might have affected new industry and business opportunity not just in the US but the world. Plant fibers could have competed with petroleum-based fibers on the market. But no, once again Big Oil lobbies saw cuts in profits due to the vast number of products that would have been made from a renewable plant that was, get this, grown buy any farmer.


“Not only was it an industrial threat to the Anglo-American oil, pharmaceutical and vice companies but it was the main engine driver of FDR’s New Deal programs and the oligarchy believed that if the crop could once again be controlled it’s decline would also defeat the New Deal.

In the mid-1930.when the new mechanical hemp fiber stripping machines and machines to conserve hemp’s high cellulose pulp finally became state-of-the-art, available and affordable, the enormous timber acreage and businesses of the Hearst Paper Manufacturing Division, Kimberly Clark USA, and virtually all other timber, paper and large newspaper holding companies stood to lose billions of dollars and perhaps go bankrupt.

Coincidently in 1937, DuPont had just patented processes for making plastics from oil and coal as well as a new sulfite process for making paper from wood pulp…accounting for over 80% of all the companies railroad carloadings over the next sixty years into the 1990s. If hemp had never been made illegal, 80% of DuPont’s business never would have materialized…jeopardizing the lucrative financial schemes of Hearst, DuPont and DuPont’s Chief Financial backer, Andrew Mellon of the Mellon Bank of Pittsburgh”-Jack Herer” – The Green Pulpit

Moral God fearers have given away so much to petroleum and other companies leaving another side of American businesses behind– handing over vast profits to big aristocratic business barons.

It should be criminal but it still is not.


Terry Gresham

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Governor Mike Spence. A law that allows discrimination against gays and lesbians

They call themselves Christians and proclaim that they follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, but how does that work? Christ was inclusive. He included all comers not just a chosen few. So how is it that you can be a follower of Christ and be exclusive? Oh I see, pretend that if you don’t agree with someone’s lifestyle then that means they aren’t Christians so you can exclude them. You can even hate them, although Jesus was not about hate. He was about love thy neighbor. Didn’t specify any particular rule that could exempt one from loving thy neighbor.

All across this land the laws against marriage equality are falling one by one while one group seems intent on finding any possible way they can to circumvent and prevent marriage equality. The latest being Indiana where the state legislature controlled by people who call themselves (I am assuming here of course) Christians and as such followers of Christ, just passed a bill now signed into to law by another so-called Christian, Governor Mike Spence. A law that allows discrimination against gays and lesbians. Christian charity? Christian love thy neighbor? No only if they are not gay or lesbian, then hate away, it’s now the law of the land in Indiana to hate and discriminate.

We have been through this before. Of course then it was mostly in the southern tier of states and it was directed exclusively against our African-American neighbors. But now it’s coming from states like Indiana who used to have a more pronounced liberal bent. Hate is raising its ugly head all over the place. Christian love and charity? Gone with the wind.

You can be a Christian these days and yet harbor hate and malice aforethought for the neighbor Jesus told you to love. Where’s that in the Bible? Don’t give me the old mantra about the Old Testament, Jesus offered us a New Testament where being exclusive and hating others weren’t something that was supposed to be Christian values. So now so-called Christians are ready to again change the teachings of Christ and try to pretend that Christ was only about love for some and not for all.

What a crock! Hate is hate. It doesn’t compute in any age with love thy neighbor. You can’t just love thy neighbor who is straight. You can’t just love thy neighbor who is conservative. You can’t just love thy neighbor because they agree with you. What I have always gotten from the teachings of Christ is love thy neighbor is inclusive even so far as to include (and this is a hard part for me I admit) racists, bigoted, hateful neighbors. Even when they disagree with you politically and on almost everything.

Hard to not hate someone for their ways especially when they want to incorporate their hate into the law of the land. Still Christ was inclusive not exclusive, but Governor Spence and his state legislators who voted for the bill he signed into law need love too. It would appear they need a whole lot of it, because for them hate is trumping love big time.

Bob Bearden

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Oklahoma Dumbed Down

Oklahoma dumbed down– Oklahoma, a state which once had the most progressive of state constitutions and which one of the writers of the Oklahoma Constitution, Peter Hanratty, was a Union Organizer. Oklahoma produced 5 of the greatest ballerinas in our history. It produced William Penn Adair Rogers one of the most beloved common sense philosophers in our nation’s history. Some of the best and brightest in our core of space travelers. It has produced some of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses and actors, like James Garner and Jennifer Jones. Some great liberal and progressive politicians like Carl Albert a former Speaker of the House and one of the U S Senate’s leading thinkers and movers Robert S. Kerr. Henry Bellmon who lead the charge to reshape our state schools into places of learning.

One of this nation’s most revered and well-known newspaper men Frosty Troy. Oklahoma has been a place of learning for the likes of our nation’s most respected news anchor ever Walter Cronkite. The list of great thinkers, doers and progressive people is almost endless. So how did we end up with ignoramuses the like of Todd Russ and Sally Kern and Mary the Failing? What happened to Oklahoma’s gene pool?

Somewhere along the way the good old progressive thinker gene the like of Will Rogers and Elizabeth Warren, Tom Steed, Carl Albert and James Garner (who helped organize Dr. King’s March on Washington in 1963) was stunted or someone dropped some dumb down pills into the mix. Because now we are becoming known (vying with Texas of course) as the dumbest state in the Union. And the crazy part is we have a lot of state legislators and elected officials who are proud of the fact that they are that way. Scary to think that we have people who want to take us back to the days when the world was flat and people who were different were burned at the stake or hanged from a tree.

We have a US Senator who has been voted by his own colleagues as one of the 2 worst senators in the Senate. We had another U S Senator who deliberately held up a bill that would have helped reduce the number of suicides of our returning veterans for no good reason. Each year over the past 5 or 6 years we have a growing crop of state legislators who introduce bills designed to discriminate against certain members of our state that they don’t like. And for no good reason other than they believe that it is okay to discriminate against people they don’t like or agree with.

While all the polls (including a majority of Oklahomans) say gay marriage is something whose time has come we still have ignorant lawmakers who introduce bills that seek to stop gays from having the right to marry. Todd Russ may be the king of all state lawmakers when it comes to being ignorant surpassing Silly Sally Kern who has held that title proudly over the past several years.

Todd well he has introduced a bill that will allow Oklahoma’s Clergy to issue marriage licenses to couple wanting to marry and it will also allow preachers to decide if they want to or not as the case may be issue a license to same-sex couples. This bill (assuming it will be enacted into law) will take the ability away from Court Clerks to issue marriage licenses and give over to members of the cloth. Sounds like a plan right?

But like the old TV Ad Pitchman used to say, “Wait there’s more!” A lot more! Emily Virgin a normal sane state representative who has a real head on her shoulders pointed out that if this bill passes then it could also allow for someone to marry more than one wife or husband at a time. Stand back Arizona and Utah! What’s up Brigham Young and Joseph Smith? Say what? Oklahoma likely to become a hot bed (and I use that term derisively) of polygamy. Wow!

Forest Gump once again you have nailed it. “Stupid is as stupid does!” And Todd Russ gets my vote for idiot of the year. Where in God’s name do these people spring from? Apparently from a gene pool that has been so stunted for so long that it has drained all of the common sense from its progeny.

You know you can dislike the gay life style if you want to and you don’t have to be apart of that lifestyle or even be around someone who is gay (if you know they are) if you don’t want to. You can argue the ups and downs of abortion all day and all night and there are good arguments on both sides of that issue. You can believe all illegals should be deported back to where they and even their ancestors came from (although that would empty our nation out pretty fast).

You can believe in the face of all the evidence to the contrary that there is no such thing as global warming or climate change and that man hasn’t had anything to do with it. You can even bring a snowball into the U S Senate to back up your claim. You can even believe Christ wrote the entire Bible if you want to. But at some point when you argue all these things as facts then you first need to have some common sense arguments that will hold water and next you need to be able to back up your words with facts not just feelings and what some holy roller minister says he believes.

Otherwise you don’t have a snowball’s chance in the U S Senate of being right. Faith goes only so far in real life. Believing up is down or right is wrong is nothing unless you can actually back up your faith and your belief with concrete truths and facts. Just wanting something because you don’t like someone’s lifestyle or because you don’t like the color of one’s skin isn’t proof of anything other that you are infused with ignorance, stupidity, bigotry and hate.

Bigotry and hate are emotions that are fueled by ignorance and fear. When we walk into the light we learn the real truths about our world. That we are all together on this big blue orb and that if we don’t learn to quit being ignorant and sticking our heads in the sand (and for some up their behinds) we won’t have this planet to kick around any longer.

Todd Russ’s bill like all of Silly Sally’s are about hate and fear. But as Dr. King said, “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that!” Todd Russ’s bill is hateful in content and in its character. And Todd Russ is to be pitied because of all the hate and fear in his heart and soul.

Bob Bearden

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Obamacare bad for America

Obamacare bad for America? Well, the uninsured rate has fallen below 35% since the advent of Obamacare. Another 12 million people who previously didn’t have health insurance now have it, just since this past year. Health care costs have dropped dramatically with the lowest increase in premiums in more than 35 years. What’s so bad about lowering the cost of health care and having more people insured?

Oh I forgot the Tea Partiers don’t like it. It will kill their grannies. But, wait as the TV pitchman used to say, “There’s more!” Granny ain’t dead actually she’s got better health care so geez how’d that happen? Oh yes Obama that scary guy in the White House got health care reform passed. As a result not only is granny got low-cost health care she ain’t dead either. And as a result of the lower increases in health care costs the deficit has been reduced. Geez why’d Obama do that?

That’s got to have pi*sed off a few of those pesky grouches in the Tea Party. Now they got to find something else to blame Obama for. Well they can blame him for making sure more Americans than ever now have access to affordable health care. Isn’t that crass of him to have helped people get affordable health care and at the same time bring down the deficit, lower the unemployment rate to 5.5%, add 12 million new jobs in 6 years. Isn’t that terrible?

The economy is better more people are working. America’s once again the leading producer of oil. The American Auto Industry is now leading the world in automobile production again. The deficit is cut almost in half. And it’s all Obama’s fault. Aren’t we glad he’s only got two more years left in office. What terrible things can he do to us in the next two years to make this country even better?

Bob Bearden

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Senator James Inhofe disproves all of the Known Science

And yesterday in the hallowed chambers of the United States Senate, our illustrious Senator James Inhofe disproved all of the known science on the subject was one great big hoax. How did he accomplish that magnificent feat you ask? It was so simply done as could have been done by a moron (not pointing any fingers here). He simply went outside the chambers made a snowball came in announced it was a cold winter and promptly threw the snowball at another senator and declared without a doubt global warming was a hoax.

What verve, what panache! 99% of the scientific world has declared global warming and man-made climate change to be a proven fact and with one simple snowball Jim Inhofe proved them to be false. Wow! Will wonders never cease. Let us now bow down to the Gods of the Marketplace, all-knowing and brilliant. Jim has so declared that he knows infinitely more that all the scientists in the world put together and he did that by just making a snowball.

I know here I am dissing another GOPer. Gosh but they make it so easy. They have so many that even a lot of people in their own party have declared them to be crazy. New York GOP Representative Peter King no slouch when in comes to being off to the right declared yesterday on camera that his party contained a lot of crazy people when he said they (the crazies in his party) shouldn’t be compromising the security of our nation and its citizens by trying to hold Homeland Security hostage.

So it isn’t just me who thinks the GOP has a lot of kooks residing within its party bounds. And it is kind of nice to know even wild-eyed Ted Cruz won’t filibuster the bill to fund Homeland Security in the senate. Yes wonders may never cease. I am thankful that there still is a modicum of sanity in the Grand Old Party of Lincoln. How long that sanity will prevail is anybody’s guess.

And Jim ole boy, I don’t think you need worry about global warming anyway. There is a place where there are no snowballs, hopefully you won’t have to find that out.

Global warming? Global warming? That’s a hoax right?

Bob Bearden

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