Bernie Sanders

There is a new element to the 2016 presidential race today thanks to Bernie Sanders. He will raise the questions that we the people have been asking and not receiving any real answers to. He understands how government works and he understands what needs to happen if we are to make this nation work for all of its citizens.

We the people have questions about what will the presidential candidates do to fix our infrastructure? What will they do to protect social security? What will they do to strengthen Medicare? How will they make sure that those at the lower end of the economic scale have enough to eat? What will they do to grow the economy? What will they do to put Americans back to work? What will they do to protect our environment? How will they solve the pressing need for immigration reform?

Those are questions being asked but most of the presidential contenders are sweeping them aside and ignoring them all together. Bernie won’t dodge those questions he will be asking them himself of the other candidates. That is why Bernie Sanders will make a difference in presidential politics. He always stands up and asks the hard questions. And he has answers. He knows what we the people in this nation need and Bernie will do his level best to make sure that whoever becomes president listens to we the people.

Bernie doesn’t want to be president of the one percent, he wants to be president of the 100 percent. He wants every single member of our society to have an equal share in our nation and in the governing of our nation. Bernie understands better than any other presidential candidate what our founders intended for this nation to be.

Bernie Sanders is truly the People’s Candidate and if elected he will truly be the People’s President. Believing in America is the first step every candidate should be taking. There is only one candidate that fits that description Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

We don’t need candidates like Carly Fiorina who believes Americans have no right to expect to have good paying jobs. Or candidates like Rick Santorum who wants to make women less equal with men. All the candidates on the right believe that women should not be paid equally with men. They all believe that when Jesus said the poor would always be with us that meant inequality was okay and that it was okay to ignore the root causes of poverty.

We do need candidates like Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. He cares about all of America the whole 100 percent of us. Now that he is in the race things have changed and the candidates will have to start addressing the real issues not the boogey bears they have created to scare the hell out their base so they can get nominated and hope that they can scare enough into not voting so they can get elected and foist their stupidity upon this nation and its citizens.

We should welcome Bernie Sanders because with him the dynamics of the 2016 presidential politics just got better for everyday Americans.

Bob Bearden

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Why Aren’t Folks Saying the Word Neo-liberalism Much in Oklahoma?

imagesA word many folks are not using as much as they should is this: neo-liberalism. There, I said it. Yet, many people I fear are still using that ol’ Cold War lexicon of some socialist doom/overthrow of the US ways of life; which is, in my opinion, outdated. China and Russia are now more capitalist than we are. Hitler talk is passe, also.  Why? The threat of socialism, as well as fascism, has been greatly diminished in today’s world. Duh. My point is– neo-liberalism should be discussed more in America, and yes, even in Oklahoma.

Neo-liberalism– you know, the thing that brought down the world’s economy recently?  Anybody remember that? Not socialism, not Fascism, but Neoliberalism is the main economic paradigm in the world today. However, the discussions on matters that should mater results in shouts like:

“Hitler gets thrown around because people are too craven to throw around Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Kim Jung-whoever, and other leftists that were as bad or worse, because fascism is the only form of collectivism that can be openly despised, despite the fact that ALL collectivism is bad, and is slavery. No one is entitled to the product of another’s labor – even if they can con the governemnt into stealing it for them. Our Founding Fathers attempted to safe-guard against despotism by instituting a limited federal government. Sadly, we ignore those limits today, putting us in peril of the same outcome once the wrong person gets elected. Get a self-serving, lying, manipulative egomaniac (I’m talking about you, Hillary…) elected, and the same thing that happened in Russia, China, and Germany WILL happen here. Governemnt is a necessary evil that can be tolerated in small doses, but is an inherent danger to freedom if allowed to grow tooo large – a point we are well past here. Oh, and just for the boys in the NSA listening: yellow cake, aluminum tubes, beryllium, ……” says an anonymous Facebook friend.

First one to say Stalin or Hitler loses, right?

So, when I hear people talking about the threat of socialism in America, inwardly I laugh– and cry to some extent– because I know it’s merely an overly used and meaningless meme–a cliche that people use just because they can’t find any other ways to express their lack of knowledge on a subject. It’s like some folks have not been keeping up with the world lately, I guess. But, then again, I guess we have to put up with it since references to past boogiemen are meant to spread fear of opponents as well as demonize our next door neighbors everywhere–good American people. This sort of verbal spewing without saying much shows us an un-American element in written and spoken form just about everywhere politics is being discussed — such as in this recent article in OKNews:

Democratic Party has been hijacked by extreme socialist liberals

The once-great Democratic Party has been hijacked by extreme socialist liberals renaming themselves “progressives.” Progressives are adept at defining who conservatives are, but who are they? Progressives are the American citizens who have never served in the military, but want to command it. These are people who have never had a job away from government bureaucracy, but want to regulate yours. Progressives have carved out a niche for themselves immersed within gluttonous bureaucracy, lavishing in lifestyles they could never earn in the free market. As leaders, progressives use the unfortunate among us as pawns to keep and gain power under the guise of helping them. Over decades of “progressive” help, no progress has been achieved. Today our poor are worse off, with minimal opportunity or hope for a better life and they must rely on the taxpayer to support their lives of dependence.

Freedom-loving voters must unite at this crucial time in our history. Regressive socialist ideology must be eradicated from political possibility regardless of what it’s called. K.B. Flaniken, Midwest City

Brilliant. It works to fire up folks. It also is packed with so many generalizations and bigoted statements that it should get a prize of some sort. It also shows a lack of historical prospective and lack of keeping up with the times. Folks need to stop boring us with false threats and start talking about the real ones.

Like this:

“It’s clear the economic system is driving us towards an unsustainable future and people of my daughter’s generation will find it increasingly hard to survive. History has shown that civilisations have risen, stuck to their core values and then collapsed because they didn’t change. That’s where we are today.”–—Prof. Will Steffen

It’s a form of capitalism–a Frankenstein from of capitalism–not a good form at that. It doesn’t even help the economy much but we don’t hear Parties yelling about who is the biggest neo-liberal. Instead, Republicans and Democrats argue about who is the biggest fascist or socialist despot. Silly.  Instead of cheap name-calling, they could settle down to discuss how to deal with the monster they created.

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Has the GOP Become the Constitution Party?

Maybe it’s just me but anybody else notice that the GOP today looks more like the Constitution Party?  I’m not seeing many Republican candidates much anymore. This doesn’t look like the GOP my father voted against either–especially at the national level. If you remember, the Constitution Party started as the party that ran General MacArthur for president even without his consent. LOL.

The party still is around and I think it has infected the GOP–the GOP has morphed into it. Reason I believe this–with all the wacky stuff going on today and the crazy laws trying to be released–like the Kracken– in the state of Oklahoma. What else?

See Constitution Party Platform here.…/National-Platform-Full-V…

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Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Contributors

Find out from whom Hilliary Clinton and Bernie Sanders take contributions.  Click pic to enlarge.


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Mossad Chief Slams Netanyahu, Backs Obama

April 6, 2015 by  . Z-facts

ObamaEfraim Halevy, the former head of Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, says “US President Barack Obama was right in labeling the document a ‘historic’ one,” and “Netanyahu .. is signaling that he doesn’t want the agreement and has his eyes on an aggressive solution.” The Republican’s hate the deal because they want to discredit Obama and take the White House. Read Efraim’s entire op-ed for yourself. It’s quite informative.

Obama was right, Iran capitulated

Netanyahu should accept the American offer of dialogue on the draft agreement reached in Lausanne, instead of signalling his intent to scupper it out of hand.

Efraim Halevy
Published: 04.06.15, 15:04

The document approved in Lausanne is full of loopholes and lacks numerous details. There’s a great deal of exhausting work to be done before the talks are completed, and we can expect some tough battles over the coming months before the formulation of a final agreement.

Nevertheless, US President Barack Obama was right in labeling the document a “historic” one – and for the following reasons:

1. For decades, Iran rejected the international community’s demand to hold talks of any kind with respect to its nuclear program. The interim agreement reached in Lausanne proves that Tehran capitulated, by agreeing to conduct negotiations about its plans and the nuclear infrastructure it has built up for years, primarily in secret.

2. Iran was forced to agree to the curtailment of its programs, the destruction of valuable equipment at some of its facilities, and a drastic reduction in the number of centrifuges that will remain in operation. The vast majority of the centrifuges will be removed from the production sites and stored in known locations under international supervision. The new centrifuges will be removed from the existing facilities and stored under international supervision.

3. The Fordow facility will be left with just 1,000 of its more than 6,000 centrifuges, and these will be used for research and development for civilian purposes only, under international supervision. No fissile material will remain in Fordow, and uranium-enrichment operations will not take place there for a period of 15 years.

4. Iran was forced to agree to an unprecedented regime of international supervision and monitoring of its nuclear facilities and the dismantling of critical systems. The facility in Natanz will be left with approximately 5,000 old-model centrifuges, and 1,000 new ones will be removed from the site and stored under supervision. The Arak reactor will cease production of plutonium, the original core of the reactor will be destroyed or removed from the country, and the facility will be used for research and development programs only with the approval of the superpowers.

5. Iran has agreed to not enrich uranium over 3.67 percent for at least 15 years. It has also agreed to reduce its current stockpile of about 10,000 kilograms of low-enriched uranium to just 300 kilograms. The surplus quantities will be removed from the country or handled in a different manner, but will not remain under Iranian control.

6. Iran has agreed to implement measures, the details of which have yet to be finalized, to meet the demands for clarification with respect to trials it has carried out in the field of nuclear weapons systems.

7. Obama’s speech following the signing of the framework agreement was broadcast live on Iranian state television without any censorship or breaks in the middle. Never before, since the Islamic Revolution, has an American president been afforded such a stage, and on such a sensitive subject to boot.

And thus President Obama could say there is a historical dimension to the agreement that was reached. Anyone who has followed events in Iran in recent decades or has studied the matter has to admit truthfully that he never believed Iran would ever agree to discuss these issues, let alone agree to each of the clauses I have mentioned.

According to the introduction to the understandings reached, “Important implementation details are still subject to negotiation, and nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.”

This statement, along with Obama’s open invitation to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to enter into an intensive dialogue, affords the Israeli government the opportunity to improve the agreement in its final version. However, Israel’s hasty response – its total rejection of the memorandum of understanding – seems to herald the beginning of an Israeli campaign designed to thwart the deal. Scrapping the deal would of course mean scrapping all the understandings already achieved.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too; you can’t conduct an all-out war against the president to thwart his historic achievement and, in the same breath, hold talks with him to improve the product. Moreover, taking the fight to Congress would require deeper Israeli intervention in the approaching elections in the United States.

One of the arguments being voiced against the continuation of the talks is that Iran has a history of lies and cunning, and can thus be expected to breach the agreement and deceive the world. True, the Iranians have a tendency to deceive, but they could do so even if they agreed to zero centrifuges, the closure of all their nuclear facilities, and supervision on the part of the Mossad itself. Loopholes can always be found, so there is no such thing as a “good agreement.” The Iranians will uphold an agreement only if it is worth their while.

Netanyahu has raised a new demand – that the framework agreement should include Iran’s recognition of Israel’s right to exist. Clearly, Iran is not going to change its spots; therefore, anyone who voices such a demand is signaling that he doesn’t want the agreement and has his eyes on an aggressive solution.

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Citizen Ugly at Free Speech Open Mic


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Crash and burn Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and collective bargaining for all workers. Kill the Post Office

As each new candidate in the GOP field rises to the top of the field they say pretty much the same thing. Crash and burn Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and collective bargaining for all workers. Kill the Post Office. They want no part of a sane immigration policy that allows for a path to citizenship. They want all deported even though they have to know that such is not feasible much less likely or possible. They want to pass strict laws against same-sex marriage even though 90% of our nation’s citizens are in favor of it.

They want to pass ignorant laws like the one attempted in Tennessee to make the Bible the state book. They want to pass so-called religious freedom laws that restrict and discriminate. And they claim to be Christian and they claim they want their party to be inclusive and to reach out to minorities. They say this all the while backing bills that restrict the voting rights of minorities, women, students and seniors.

Their very platforms they are running on say they will do everything in their power, if elected to exclude different segments of our society from enjoying the freedoms of this nation. They very nation they stand proudly up and claim they love. And they do all of this knowing that a majority of Americans don’t agree with most of the stances they take. Makes no sense whatsoever. If you want to be elected to the highest office in the land aren’t you supposed to represent the views of the people?

Apparently not? At least if you are running as a Republican. You see there is a core base of voters who, even though they are small in number and even though they are agin everything the majority of the country is for you must appease them or you won’t get your party’s nomination. They don’t care what Americans as a majority want or care about. These clowns want what they want and you either suck up to them or you ain’t gonna get their money. And money is what you got to have to run for President.

So we have a system in which a small amount of people tell the rest of the country this is what we want and we don’t give a damn what a majority believes or wants. We got the money honey so you are going to get the time or else. And it works. GOPers run with the base and suck up the cash and speak up the lies in the fervent hope that they will be the anointed one and get their party’s nomination. It’s kind of like Yul Brynner said to Steve McQueen in the Magnificent Seven, “I didn’t get elected, but I was nominated real good!”

Running against everything Americans stand for makes no sense except that’s where the money lies in the hands of those who are in the minority, but those who got the money honey don’t give a damn what most Americans want they believe they have the right to dictate their beliefs and mores on our society as a whole and they have a gaggle of geese in the GOP that will do their bidding.

The GOP base will nominate someone out of the nattering naybobs of negativity field and they will nominate him ‘real good’. But then they got a problem right here in River City and it smells like P. In the end even with all the billions that will be tossed about by the Kochs, Adelson and Company it will still boil down to the smell test when it comes time to vote. And the GOP field is kind of like the old Loudan Wainwright the III song, Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road. They stink to high heaven.

Bob Bearden

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