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Crash and burn Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and collective bargaining for all workers. Kill the Post Office

As each new candidate in the GOP field rises to the top of the field they say pretty much the same thing. Crash and burn Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and collective bargaining for all workers. Kill the Post Office. They want no part of a sane immigration policy that allows for a path to citizenship. They want all deported even though they have to know that such is not feasible much less likely or possible. They want to pass strict laws against same-sex marriage even though 90% of our nation’s citizens are in favor of it.

They want to pass ignorant laws like the one attempted in Tennessee to make the Bible the state book. They want to pass so-called religious freedom laws that restrict and discriminate. And they claim to be Christian and they claim they want their party to be inclusive and to reach out to minorities. They say this all the while backing bills that restrict the voting rights of minorities, women, students and seniors.

Their very platforms they are running on say they will do everything in their power, if elected to exclude different segments of our society from enjoying the freedoms of this nation. They very nation they stand proudly up and claim they love. And they do all of this knowing that a majority of Americans don’t agree with most of the stances they take. Makes no sense whatsoever. If you want to be elected to the highest office in the land aren’t you supposed to represent the views of the people?

Apparently not? At least if you are running as a Republican. You see there is a core base of voters who, even though they are small in number and even though they are agin everything the majority of the country is for you must appease them or you won’t get your party’s nomination. They don’t care what Americans as a majority want or care about. These clowns want what they want and you either suck up to them or you ain’t gonna get their money. And money is what you got to have to run for President.

So we have a system in which a small amount of people tell the rest of the country this is what we want and we don’t give a damn what a majority believes or wants. We got the money honey so you are going to get the time or else. And it works. GOPers run with the base and suck up the cash and speak up the lies in the fervent hope that they will be the anointed one and get their party’s nomination. It’s kind of like Yul Brynner said to Steve McQueen in the Magnificent Seven, “I didn’t get elected, but I was nominated real good!”

Running against everything Americans stand for makes no sense except that’s where the money lies in the hands of those who are in the minority, but those who got the money honey don’t give a damn what most Americans want they believe they have the right to dictate their beliefs and mores on our society as a whole and they have a gaggle of geese in the GOP that will do their bidding.

The GOP base will nominate someone out of the nattering naybobs of negativity field and they will nominate him ‘real good’. But then they got a problem right here in River City and it smells like P. In the end even with all the billions that will be tossed about by the Kochs, Adelson and Company it will still boil down to the smell test when it comes time to vote. And the GOP field is kind of like the old Loudan Wainwright the III song, Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road. They stink to high heaven.

Bob Bearden

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The Right Wing Hopefuls Claim We Can’t Pay Women Equal Pay

The right-wing hopefuls in the presidential sweepstakes claim we can’t pay women equal pay to men because companies can’t afford it which is bull pucky. They don’t want to afford it because it might cut in a little bit on their insane profits.

Instead of making 40 billion dollars a year in profits they might only make 20 billion dollars in profits a year. And the CEOs might have to quit getting 10 million dollars in salaries plus seven million dollars in bonuses every year and only get say 3 million in salary and a paltry million dollars in bonus.

And the presidential hopefuls on the GOP side say that it would break America. It would ruin the economy which again is bull pucky. The problem is they don’t want the richest 1% to have to give up anything that they’re getting right now. The big corporations don’t want to give up their profits for anybody much less to the workers that got them where they’re at.

And they keep fear mongering about what would happen if they had to give up some of their profits and how this would crash the economy of the world and put us all into a depression, which again is bull pucky. Their fear mongering pays off because they have convinced so many people in the lower-income brackets that they are correct and that if they get a decent wage and or living wage the world will end for us all, which is also bull pucky.

Fear is a huge motivating factor and those in the upper 1% know it and they use it to their advantage to keep those on the lower end of the economic scale so afraid that they will believe anything they’re told.

All the economic factors prove time and time again that raising the minimum wage and giving workers a fair and living wage improve the economy and boost everybody up the economic scale including the richest 1%.

But we have so many people who are tied to one issue that they will cut their own throats economically just so they can vote for the ignoramuses whom they believe supports them on that one issue.

Fear is the single most motivating factor when it comes to voting. Most people don’t vote with their pocketbook or their brains they vote out of fear of what might be or what they are told might be. And Herr Goebbels taught us that it’s much easier for people to believe a lie than it is to believe the truth.

The truth is the minimum wage could be raised to 15 dollars an hour and still most companies corporations and CEOs would be making insane profits and in fact their profits would likely go up. The truth is raising the minimum wage doesn’t hurt the economy and it never has. But it is easier to spread a lie that it does than for people to believe the truth that it doesn’t.

There are millions to be made in spreading the lies about the minimum wage. And there are lots of people who will step up and present those lies as fact. Keeping people poor and in debt is something that makes a lot of people money. Spreading fear about what could happen if the minimum wage is raised is a way to keep the poor, poor and making sure the rich get richer. Keeping people afraid that if they ask for more money and get it they will destroy the economy. Still more bull pucky. But so many people who should know better buy it hook line and sinker.

Lies are spread by those who fear the truth. They fear the truth because they know if people knew the truth it would truly set them free. The economic well being of the rich depends on keeping the poor, poor. It depends on making people fear that any economic well-being that they might receive would hurt the economy and make things worse for themselves.

It makes absolutely no sense but most of the fears that people have make no sense.

Bob Bearden.

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A Radical Agenda for Hillary Clinton |

A Radical Agenda for Hillary Clinton | (full article)

“Some of the best minds of our generation’s left-liberal thinkers and political agitators are busy these days composing and publishing “to-do” lists for Hillary Clinton. Their sincere suggestions are worthy ideas for economic and social reforms, nothing very radical but smart measures that will make life better for lots of people. Raise the minimum wage, pay equity for women, reform college loans, abolish usurious lending, paid vacations for all workers and many more similar proposals.

It’s not that these policy advocates are necessarily for Clinton. But if she is to be the Democratic nominee in 2016, they want her to embrace a more ambitious program that might be characterized as a “post-New Democrat” agenda. That is, the stuff her husband dodged when he was the president because these people-friendly propositions were too liberal.”

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A new season of Survivor The Right Wing Presidential Sweepstakes has begun

A new season of Survivor, The Right Wing Presidential Sweepstakes, has begun. Or more properly it could be called Dancing With the Wing Nuts! Another round of who’s going to win the GOP race to not get elected to the White House?

Rand Paul is up and running and boy is he running away from the media. Tough questions? Tough questions? Don’t ask me no tough questions or I’m not going to talk to you. I just want to be President I don’t want to answer any of your really hard pointed questions.

Then there’s Ted Cruz ramping up his base. The latest Bugaboo of Evil as spread by Ted – Watch out my sweet wing nutters them gays and lesbians are out to destroy Christianity.

The Hunger Games have nothing on Ted and Rand and they are ranting and raving and running amok. Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello couldn’t have done it better. But then those actually were comedians intending to be funny. Ted and Rand are serious.

Well they’re seriously flawed in they’re thinking. Rand Paul has never found a quote or a phrase or a whole book for that matter that he wouldn’t gladly plagiarize. But just don’t call him on it. Or if he quotes something as his own he’ll swear he didn’t say that.

At one time we used to have some really intelligent politicians running for president from the GOP side. There was Dwight David Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt, among others. Why even Ronald Reagan seems normal and sane compared to the current crop of GOP hopefuls. And Nixon Tricky Dicky though he was, was at least someone who made sense and actually made some good decisions from time to time.

But with Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the really far out wing nut Rick Santorum the field is getting crazier and crazier. What next Joni Ernst the hog castrator from hell? She said she’d been doing it all her life on the farm and she wasn’t afraid to castrate a few hogs when she got to Washington DC. Fortunately for all the hogs in DC she hasn’t went on a rampage yet!

And of course there’s Ted Cruz’s latest rant about how gays and lesbians are out to destroy Christianity. Doesn’t he know almost all gays and lesbians are Christians, probably more devout Christians than Ted Cruz ever thought of being. Cruz’s Christianity is out there on his sleve because he’s running for president. All the gays and lesbians practice their Christianity every day of the week.

They are good citizens. They help the poor. They help the needy. They raise children. They do their civic duty and they go to church regularly. How is that destroying Christianity? Ted Cruz is simply ramping up his base. For him lying has become a way of life.

And then there is Rick Santorum who now claims that communism came up with the plot that is the separation of church and state. That’s almost laughable if he wasn’t serious. The separation of church and state is an American idea put forth by our founders when they founded this nation on the principle of religious freedom for all. But Rick continues to show his ignorance everytime he opens his mouth.

The founders envisioned real religious freedom. Religious freedom whereby you would be free to worship however you chose to and not be forced to worship a state sponsored religion. Unlike the laws that were pushed in Indiana in Arkansas, it wasn’t something designed to exclude people it was designed to include people.

True religious freedom means a separation of church and state so that everyone who is a citizen who lives in this country who comes to this country can worship freely the religion of their choice or not.

True religious freedom means that no matter the color of your skin, your creed, your race, your ethnic origin, your gender or your sexual orientation you are free to worship
as you choose or not to worship any religion at all.

If we elect Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul or god forbid Joni Ernst. We are likely to have all kinds of laws restricting our right to worship the religion of our choice. Let’s hope that the citizens of this nation have enough common sense to not do that.

Bob Bearden

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Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are in

The hills are alive with the sound of rhetoric. The 2016 presidential sweepstakes is up and running. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are in. Their screams are rising to the top and boy are they screaming. Mostly at journalists covering their campaigns. Crying foul (or is it fowl?) because they don’t want reporters to ask them tough questions. They want softballs tossed to them that they can genuflect over and blame Obama for all the world’s problems since time began.

It’s the whine game. Romney played and secured the nomination in the fantasy world that is the GOP primaries, only to lose in the real world of politics. Or maybe it would be more appropriate to call it the ‘blame game’. Blame Obama for every ill known to man (or woman) and that feeds the hunger and thirst of the rabid base and gains them votes. But then they have to do their best Hyde impersonation and switch gears in a desperate attempt to retract everything they said in the primaries as well I didn’t really mean that.

In the case of Rand Paul he can simply deny he ever said it in the first place. He is much like the character of Sergeant Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes. “I know nothing!” Or to be more accurate, “I said nothing!” Of the manufacture of truth and reason these guys aren’t. Do they know the truth? That’s probably a fifty toss-up question. They know a kind of truth but it don’t compute with what they are selling so it ain’t truth as we in the real world know it to be.

Their truth is whatever they think will sell in Peoria or Grinell Iowa. It doesn’t really matter if it will pass the smell test they have long passed the point where they care about a real truth. In the world of politics and especially in GOP primary politics truth is whatever they can make their base swallow, hook, line and sinker. The truth of reality gets short shrift in the game they play to garner votes.

Today’s truth is tomorrow’s denial of ever having said that. It’s a game that GOP hopefuls know well. To paraphrase the old navy saying, “Damn the truth, full speed ahead!” If it works in Iowa send it on down the line.

Bob Bearden

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Rick Santorum: Separation of Church and State

Rick Santorum, idiot cum laude. He thinks that the idea of the separation of church and state was hatched as a Communist plot. Another person who needs a refresher course in American History. The concept of the separation of church and state is purely an American idea conceived by our founders as a way to prevent the very thing Rick Santorum and other Tea Partiers who have no concept of our history, from injecting their religious beliefs upon the whole of us.

Religious freedom was meant to be the freedom to worship as each individual chose to worship without interference from the state. Our founders were all of the mind that they wanted to prevent any state sponsored religion from taking hold in our newly formed nation. Religious freedom has nothing to do with the concept being pushed in states like Indiana and Arkansas as a method of being able to exclude certain segments of our society.

Our founders and their ancestors all came from nations that practiced one form or other of state sponsored religion thereby condemning all other forms of religious worship as blasphemy. Our founders wanted none of the trappings of religious force feeding as practiced by other nations. Their concept was conceived so that anyone who came to our shores would be able to worship and practice their religious philosophy without the restriction of having to adhere to a state sponsored religion.

They didn’t believe in the idea now being put forth by the Tea Party Wing Nuts that we were a Christian nation. They didn’t found this nation as a Christian nation but as a nation in which a majority of our citizens were Christian. There is a huge difference in being a Christian nation and having a large group of its citizens to be of one religion.

And besides Christianity is a work in progress. First of all Christ didn’t see himself as a Christian. He was a Jewish Rabbi and he wasn’t establishing a new religion he was just updating an old one. And Christ was all inclusive. He didn’t discriminate against anyone because they didn’t adhere to his religious philosophy. He believed in the concept of live and let live.

The concept of religious philosophy promoted by Jesus was one of inclusion not one of exclusion. It was a philosophy based on love, peace, and compassion. Too often we are seeing people calling themselves Christians who want to exclude anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as they believe. They don’t want all of our citizens to have a place at the table of love, peace and compassion that Jesus Christ set for us all.

And he believed in the concept of separation of church and state. His message was to render unto Caesar that which belonged to Caesar. Caesar was the state of Rome, the Pax Romana. Our founders understood much more clearly what Jesus was all about, much more clearly than a lot of today’s religious zealots who seek to force feed their religious concepts on everyone else. Their religious concepts are rooted more in the tenets of the Old Testament than they are in any litany offered by that Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth.

The separate of church and state is an American made philosophy and concept. If Rick Santorum and his wing nuts would just go to the nearest library and read all about it, maybe they would finally understand the why and reason our founders came up with it n the first place.

But I wouldn’t hold your breath until they do.

Bob Bearden

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