The Gary Johnson Hornswoggling

I keep hearing from otherwise sane individuals that a vote for Gary Johnson would be a wonderful alternative to a Democratic candidate vote. Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned, but I lean heavily toward that ol New Deal Democratic world view that social security is a good safety net for Americans and that it should not be owned by any private corporation or fly-by-night shady business.

Gary Johnson says,

“We need to get rid of payroll taxes. Look at it from the perspective of employers for a moment. When they want to hire someone, it costs more than just the wage they’re paying. They have to pay payroll taxes, including for Social Security and Medicare. That cost is about 10% of the wages they pay an employee. Remove that burden, and employers will be able to hire 10% more people. With an unemployment rate of 10%, why wouldn’t we jump at this chance? The Fair-tax replaces employment and payroll taxes.”–Gary Johnson

“He does know our taxes come out of our salary, right? We pay social security from our checks, not on top of our checks,” says Christina Owen.  

Gary Johnson says other things but that’s enough for now. Brenda Weber says,

“All of his numbers are wrong. First off, payroll taxes are 15%, split equally between the employer and employee. For every dollar the employer pays the employee pays an equal amount. Those taxes more than pay for social security, Medicare, reducing the burden on employers to provide pensions and health care for retired workers.

Secondly, our unemployment rate is about half what he seems to think it is. Has he even tried to get accurate data before proposing changes in public policy or is he working solely on a “belief” system outside of facts?

Thirdly, there is ZERO evidence that reducing employee expenses leads to higher employment rates or higher wages for employees. If that were the case Wal-Mart would have every single check-out manned at all times and their employees could afford to feed and Medicare themselves rather than requiring billions in taxpayer funds to keep them alive despite working for an employer who is famous for cutting their operating costs to the bone. In fact operating costs as a percentage of profit for corporate entities has been dropping steadily for a century but no corresponding uptick in employment or wages has ever been noticed, save the monstrous increases ownership shares and executive salaries.” –Brenda Weber

You probably know where Gary Johnson is taking us–PRIVATIZATION for the nation. Why any progressive Democrat or Bernie supporter or whomever would vote for any libertarian candidate is wacky– unless they have fallen for the fake revolution the Cato institute calls “a Leninist Strategy.”–a false grass-roots anti-revolution geared to hand over our stuff to big businesses like the Kochs. I don’t like it.

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KFOR NEWS: Oklahoma Storm Disaster

President Obama signed a declaration of disaster for six counties in Oklahoma. The counties included in the declaration are Caddo, Comanche, Cotton, Garvin, Grady, and Stephens. This will allow distribution of federal aid to state and local recovery efforts for those affected by the storms between June 11th-13th, 2016. Federal funding is available to eligible…

via President declares state of disaster for flooded counties —

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Oklahoma Puppy Mills and Cockfighting

“When Oklahomans hear “right to farm,” we immediately think of family farms and generational growers of chickens, cows and crops. The three words undeniably elicit emotion tied to our pioneering spirit, heartland traditions and our deeply held democratic convictions about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Puppy Mills and Cockfighting

If passed, SQ777 could be the first dangerous step in rolling back state regulations on puppy mill operations and cockfighting. Under the law, those who participate in these inhumane practices could be identified as “farmers” and their animals as “livestock,” propping the door open for them to operate without scrutiny in Oklahoma.”– Drew Edmondson

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Trump All Dixiecrat Now

I think of Trump as the leader of what I call the Neo-Dixiecrat Party of America–poking up out of their current dormancy.  If one were to follow the migration of that particular splinter off the pre-civil rights Democratic Party over the years, one sees their emergence and take over of the Republican Party of today. Establishment GOP has tried a marriage with them since Nixon’s campaign. And itching to be in charge of the whole show, and them not having had a presidential candidate since Storm Thurman, now today, Trump steps up to the podium pied piper to this element in America.

I agree with The New Yorker contributor, Jelani Cobb, as he writes:

Sixty-eight years ago, the public watched a dynamic similar to the Trump-Sanders moment play out as Harry Truman sought the Presidency, an office he had held since Franklin Roosevelt’s death, in 1945…Trump’s brand of populism is cemented in the ideal that he will not be out-Muslimed, out-Latinoed, or out-baited regarding any other signpost of American change. And it’s selling. They are all Dixiecrats now.

Democrats don’t need a Dixiecrat and Republicans don’t need a Dixiecrat. Dems got rid of them in 1948 when they came out against segregation with a civil rights platform. Republicans need to dump them soon. After that, Dixiecrats will have nowhere else to go with any real power.

Donald Trump ain’t nothin’ but a Dixiecrat.


Terry Gresham

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Why Are There So Many Oklahomans In Jail?


According to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Education, the number of Oklahomans in jail is growing 14 times faster than the adult population of the state and this number increased by 485 percent between 1980 and 2013.

See:  Report: Increases in Spending on Corrections Far Outpace Education

The report compares incarceration to education spending and shows some alarming information:

  • money spent on incarceration has grown 2.5 times that spent on education at the national level.
  • state and local support for public higher education has increased in only four states. Support has fallen in Oklahoma by 19 percent.
  • state and local money spent on corrections is nearly 5 times more than that spent on student education in Oklahoma.
  • increased money spent on education in Oklahoma ties for 10th lowest at 47 percent, while that spent on corrections is 11th highest at 230 percent.

According to John King, Secretary…

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Perflurocarbons Power Point: Bambi Hampton

Currently, the status of contamination migration from the Cyril, Oklahoma, refinery is uncertain. “Insufficient data to determine migration control status – Due to uncertainty regarding contaminated ground water migration, one cannot draw conclusions as to whether the migration of contaminated ground water is stabilized.”



When Roy Plunkett first discovered the compound that would be later in used in so many processes, it is only left to one’s imagination if he had any idea of the future magnitude of his discovery. From the clothes we wear, the buildings in which we reside, and the food and water we ingest, PFCs are in virtually everything including our bodies and nearly all biota. Considering the many years that these compounds have been being used, it is difficult to fathom the extent of the territory they cover. Whether the means of transporting PFCs is deliberate or unintentional, solid evidence proves they have invaded nearly every crevice of the globe.
Since PFCs are anthropogenic compounds, it can be easily understood they do not belong in environments such as the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we ingest, or the bodies of humans and animals. Without…

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OK State Questions vs Pres Pick

In Oklahoma, State Questions on the ballot may be more important than our presidential pick.


Never in my lifetime (56 years) has anyone but a GOP candidate been picked in Oklahoma in a national election (except LBJ) Romney got our 7 in 2012, Mccain in 2008, before that Bush, Bob Dole, H. Bush, Reagan, Nixon, ad infinitum. I don’t see this changing just because it’s 2016, regardless of Bernie, or Hillary, or Gary on the ticket.  Get ready for Trump here jetting off with our 7 electoral votes. Sad, but that’s the forecast.

State Questions

Of more importance for Oklahomans in this election– more than who will be US President– are the State Questions on the ballot: State Question 790, State Question No.: 776, and State Question No.: 777. The presidential pick is minor news compared to these.

The presidential race is a distraction in many ways. Arguments over who should sit in the White House are entertaining yet are distractions from the real issues ’round here.  O, how we do wish Oklahoma was a Democratic swing state, but it’s not–no matter how many Hillarys, Bernies, or Garys. Our state history has shown that a GOP candidate will win Oklahoma. No matter what. This has been true since 1948. Of course, that doesn’t mean that an Oklahoma’s pick goes on to the White House, (like Sarah Palin) but what it does mean is that local and state happenings are certainly more worthy of our wranglings.

Take a look the State Questions on the Ballot in November.

SQ 777

“Right-to-farm laws already exist in all states in America. In spite of this, ALEC developed model legislation around the mid-1990’s to expand these laws to cover larger farms to push the corporate farming agenda. In the case of this particular model bill, the aim was to undermine existing local farm laws to make it more difficult to regulate pollution, noise, and animal welfare.” –donnacliffordjones

“This measure adds Section 38 to Article II of the Oklahoma Constitution. The new section creates state constitutional rights. It creates the following guaranteed rights to engage in farming and ranching: • The right to make use of agricultural technology, • The right to make use of livestock procedures, and • The right to make use of ranching practices. These constitutional rights receive extra protection under this measure that not all constitutional rights receive. This extra protection is a limit on lawmakers’ ability to interfere with the exercise of these rights. Under this extra protection, no law can interfere with these rights, unless the law is justified by a compelling state interest—a clearly identified state interest of the highest order. Additionally, the law must be necessary to serve that compelling state interest. The measure—and the protections identified above—do not apply to and do not impact state laws related to: • Trespass, • Eminent domain, • Easements, • Right of way or other property rights, and • Any state statutes and political subdivision ordinances enacted before December 31, 2014.”- Oklahoma Secretary of State


State Question 790

The Oklahoma Public Money for Religious Purposes, State Question 790 is on the November 8, 2016, ballot in Oklahoma as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment.

The measure, upon voter approval, would repeal Section 5 of Article 2 of the Oklahoma Constitution, which prohibits public money from being spent for religious purposes.[1] Passage of the measure would allow the Ten Commandments monument to be returned to the Capitol.

A “yes” vote is a vote in favor of allowing public money to be spent for religious purposes.
A “no” vote is a vote against allowing public money to be spent for religious purposes.
State Question No.: 776
SUBJECT: Death penalty – all death penalty statutes are in effect. It states that methods of execution can be changed. It states that the death penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment
This measure adds a new section to the Oklahoma Constitution, Section 9A of Article 2. The new Section deals with the death penalty. The Section establishes State constitutional mandates relating to the death penalty and methods of execution. Under these constitutional requirements: • The Legislature is expressly empowered to designate any method of execution not prohibited by the United States Constitution • Death sentences shall not be reduces because a method of execution is ruled to be invalid. • When an execution method is declared invalid, the death penalty imposed shall remain in force until it can be carried out using any valid execution method, and • The imposition of a death penalty under Oklahoma law¬—as distinguished from a method of execution—shall not be deemed to be or constitute the infliction of cruel or unusual punishment under Oklahoma’s Constitution, nor to contravene and provision of the Oklahoma Constitution.

In November,

Oklahoma voters will elect one member to the U.S. Senate and all five of its representatives to the U.S. House.

All 101 seats in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and 25 of the 48 seats in the Oklahoma State Senate are up for election this year.

State questions, 777, 776, 790.

Two seats on Oklahoma’s state-level courts are up for retention elections on November 8, 2016. Judge John Fischer and Judge Larry Joplin of the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals face retention in the 2016 election.

US President race is in there somewhere.

In Oklahoma, write-ins are not allowed and will invalidate all other votes on the ballot. However, a blank will not void the entire ballot.

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