How to have a Successful Tom Cole Meeting

The Tom Cole town hall meeting was agreeable. How does he do it? He had something agreeable to say to all questioners, even to those there to confront him on subjects like: taxes, Medicare, social security, Women’s rights, lobbyists, military spending, and deregulation. It was such an agreeable evening that I’m sure if there had been a few babies to kiss, he would have spent the evening kissing babies. That didn’t happen; had only asses to kiss.

The meeting started. After about a 20 minute lecture on how things are in Washington, Tom’s staff  entered (young female interns in skirts bulging with lots-a-leg–scampered around the room) with a wireless microphone.  I saw two of them; they took turns throughout the night.  I said to myself, “Gee, this must be some version of a daytime game show with Tom as the GOP version of Monty Hall.”  As it turned out, this wasn’t far from the truth of it.
His supporters were there, of course. Then scattered among the faithful were his non-supporters in fewer numbers. All that was herd throughout the evening was, “I agree with you.”  It was beautiful. Of course he did go on to explain his positions while agreeing wholeheartedly with everyone.
To a observer, two important wisdoms were gleaned from the experience: 1) How to hand some constituent a microphone and agree with them no matter what, and 2) How to not let out too much about disclosure of sources of money– the openness of the thing.
Within all this nauseating agreeing, the subject of lobbing was brought up in a question late in the evening.  Here’s where knowing a man’s voting record comes in handy. Tom, in being the perfect game show host, may have not known it but he lied.  And since I’m kind, I’ll give him some benefit of doubt, or just plain doubt, since he may have been caught up knee deep in it.  But, Tom’s record on disclosing of money is NO onHR 5175:Vote to pass a bill that establishes new disclosure requirements for political advertisements and other regulations for the financing of campaigns and political advertisements.”  

 To Cole’s credit he does vote in favor of HR 4975:

“Vote to pass a bill that requires more disclosure of lobbying information and which members request earmarked provisions.”  

 However, HR 5175is a big NO.  So at the end of the night, constituents on Let’s Make Tom Cole’s Deal Show all received a prize of thinking they heard otherwise. 
So rememberfellow Americans, GOP Town Hall meetings can be fun, and educational. First, just bring young cute hotties holding microphones (stop thinking dirty thoughts) And then don’t forget to know when and how to agree with everyone. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there’s another ingredient that goes great at an agreement party– dance, I mean, don’t disclose everything about hidden money.

Terry Gresham


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