Christian Conservatives and Newt

“Christian conservatives all profess to want their candidates for public office to have high moral standards. So that being the case what possessed South Carolina voters to vote for Newt Gingrich over Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum?

Newt certainly doesn’t fit the conservative mold when it comes to high morals. He just converted to Catholicism after marrying his 3rd wife. He summarily dumped both of his ex-wife’s while in the midst of having an affair with his future next wife. Moral turpitude or fidelity to one woman certainly isn’t his strong suit. Rick Santorum, Ron Paul both beat him out on the moral issues so loved by conservative voters (or so they say). As does Mitt Romney. Newt certainly knows how and loves to attack others on the issue of morality while not in the least practicing what he loves to preach. But, he is a master at being a put-upon maligned victim all the while victimizing the very person who has pointed out his shortcomings.

But, all of this still doesn’t explain why mostly conservative self-professed evangelical Christians of the far right persuasion voted for Newt and against Mitt Romney as the candidate they would most like to see running for president against Barack Obama. Of course this is the deep south and South Carolina is where the first shot was fired in the Civil War back in 1861. It is no secret that red-neck conservatives hate Barack Obama and the fact that somehow a wise, intelligent, compassionate fair minded African-American got elected president of these United States without it being over their dead bodies.

Journalists and pundits are rushing to try and explain how Romney who only a few short weeks ago had all but been crowned as the party’s nominee is now left in a position of having only won one primary and in both of the primaries he lost went from double-digit leads to second place when all the votes had been counted.

The amazing thing is that in many polls taken about the republican candidates none of the above places in double digits, which to me means that the average republican voter hasn’t yet found a candidate in the gaggle that is left of the field that they would vote for. Newt Gingrich not withstanding.

It is hard to discern voting trends in primaries because of regional concerns, low voter turnout and other factors that often skew the picture. But, primaries have superceded conventions as the main method of determining who a party’s nominee is going to be. By convention time the only thing normally left to decide is party platform and who will be the VP running on the ticket.

South Carolina may be but an anomaly in what is one of the longest primary seasons in the history of politics. It could give Newt momentum to send Romney packing, but it also may only mean that he sells well in the deep south and that when voters in less polarized states go to the polls he will become just another Mike Huckabee.

Lost in all of this is the fact that not one republican left in the race for the nomination is saying or offering any real solutions to fix what ails our nation. They are running not for the good of our nation and its citizens but to defeat Barack Obama. They battle each other in debate after debate not on the issues but on personal attacks upon each other and how they are the best candidate; not for leading this nation; but for defeating Barack Obama.

When will we the American public ever get to hear what each candidate stands for and believes in? When will we learn what they will do to end the gridlock in Washington? When will we find out what they intend to do to put Americans back to work, rebuild our nation’s infrastructure and start addressing important issues of how to stop the slide of millions of our fellow citizens from the middle class back into poverty?

The important issues facing our nation are all left standing in the wings when the four that are left step onto the stage for their next debate. They genuflect to the right on issues of morality and religion, but those are issues that pale next to the real moral issues of how to stamp out hunger. How to protect every citizen’s right to vote. How to make sure that every citizen has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Hunger, poverty, education, equal opportunity and living wage jobs are the real moral issues that these clowns should be debating and coming up with solutions for. To me it is immoral and unpatriotic to not address the issues of hunger, jobs,education, opportunity and poverty. They as a group can continue to ignore those issues at their peril and at the peril of our nation and its citizens.” —– Bob Bearden


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