Something Stupid

by Bob Bearden

“With each new poll it seems Mitt Romney further acerbates his chances by saying something stupid. I believe Ole Blue Eyes and his daughter Nancy actually had a hit song out in the 60’s by that name and the lyrics of the song pretty much sums up how the Mittster is continually sticking his big foot into his oversized mouth and then instead of shutting up he makes matters worse by trying to explain his remarks, which gets him further into the mire of cow manure he has already stepped in.

Newt Gingrich on the other hand is surging again in the polls, but that may be an anomaly because this is the deep south and the neo-republicans down there still think the south won the war and can’t seem to grasp that Barack Obama is their president and not their slave. Newty is a master at whining his way out from being the victimizer and into looking altogether like a victim. He pretends to eschew vile rhetoric and invective while slinging mud along with crap and manure at anyone and everyone including the press and his fellow neo-republicans.

Newt is not only full of himself, but so loaded to the gills with BS he could fill up my granddad’s outhouse in two days or less. He is the envy of every self-respecting pig this side of the Rockies. He never met mud he couldn’t sling at someone and all the while pretending he is the good guy and they are the bad guy. Worst case scenario it seems is coming true and we may have Newt Gingrich as the neo-republican nominee.

But, then whomever we get as the neo-republican nominee we are in for some scary times until election day, and beyond that if the worst case scenario should befall this nation and its people elect Newt, or Mitt, or Ron Paul or Rick Santorum. If Newty makes it we will be in for even worse times as he is looking at Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum as members of his cabinet or the possibility of one of them running as his vice-presidential nominee. Whoopee wouldn’t that tickle your ear lobes?

It is a very sad day for our nation when we have to actually consider the possibility that we might well wind up with a president nicknamed Newty and a Vice-President named Sarah or Michelle and maybe a secretary of state like Rick Santorum.

It is also sad to think of how far the republican party has stooped in coming up with the motley collection of near dunces running against Barack Obama and making plans to run our nation into the ground and place millions more of our citizens in the poor house. The neo-republicans of today are so far away from the principles that the party of Lincoln stood for that they really look more like the old 19th Century ‘Know Nothing’ Party than they do the republican party.

The party of Lincoln up held the constitution and the rights of all. It contained great leaders and statesmen like Teddy Roosevelt who forced the mine owners to negotiate with their workers. It boasted of men like Robert Taft, Robert LaFollette. Men like Everett Dirksen who helped get the Civil Rights Act signed into law and who admonished people in his own party to support the Voting Rights Act. The party of Lincoln freed the slaves and enacted the 14th amendment and over saw the 20th amendment that granted women the right to vote.

They lead our nation in a war to free men and women not to enslave them. The neo-republican party wants to take us back in time and do away with millions of our citizens rights. They want take away the right to equal opportunity. They would prefer that most of our population were, if not slaves then at least serfs, beholden to the richest 1 percent. That’s not the party of Lincoln that more in tune with the parties of Mussolini and Hitler.

The neo-republicans today are not true republicans they don’t care about peoples rights. They believe that corporations and the wealthiest 1 percent are the only ones who deserves the rights of free citizens. They believe if you as a citizen can’t pay for it then you shouldn’t have it.

They would deny millions of our citizens the right to health insurance. They would deny millions of our seniors the right to have a secure retirement. They would kill social security and Medicare and any other government program designed to come to the aid of the most vulnerable among us. They are more in tune with Marie Antoinette than they are with Abraham Lincoln. They are not republicans they are fascist leaning plutocrats!” —– Bob Bearden


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