Sally Kern and Sharia Law

by Terry Gresham

“Oklahoma City Republican Rep. Sally Kern said Wednesday a bill she introduced last year would prohibit state courts from basing rulings or decisions on foreign laws, but does not target any religion specifically. Her bill passed the House overwhelmingly last year, but was not granted a hearing in the Senate.”  Tulsa Word By Associated Press Published: 1/11/2012  2:45 PM

They forget the Crusades. They forget the Inquisition. They forget witch burning.  They forget Manifest Destiny. They forget the Mountain Meadow massacre. They forget the Church of England. They forget, forget, and forget. In doing so they  forget the teachings of Jesus on power.  But does Christianity stop them?  Of course not.  So with all the unfettered forgetfulness, how can they be called upon to comment on Sharia Law, the Koran, the US Constitution,    politics, or the Bible for Christ’s sake.

 “That a dozen states are actively moving to adopt anti-sharia laws demonstrates that this is part of a pattern. This is not haphazard. Someone — a group of people — is trying to turn this into a national issue. I believe this will become an election issue. Are you with the sharia or with the U.S. Constitution? It is absurd.” – Justin Elliot.

As a Christian, yet never too at ease with the lyrics in the hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers,” I am not proud of certain aspects of Christian history in Western Culture. It is ugly. So ugly that we should not let that past be our future.

“The word sharia means “the path to a watering hole”. It denotes an Islamic way of life that is more than a system of criminal justice. Sharia is a religious code for living, in the same way that the Bible offers a moral system for Christians.” –,

Even though there is no Muslim threat to the State, more than 70 percent of Oklahoma voters approved the proposal in 2010 to ban non-existing laws–preemptive measures.  It’s not too outrageous to think bombs right now. Think. Think about what it means to have Christianity at war with Islam?  Some Oklahoma legislators seem to act as if they are.  Let’s call them extremists. Religious extremists in positions of political power. How can extreme religion be trusted in offices with legislative capabilities?  What about some of these legislators sometime in their future careers having say in war machines? It’s not far-fetched to imagine a Sally Kern type politician from Oklahoma in Congress. Remember that Christianity has a clean slate nowhere, same as other world religions that take up with politics with a politician with a mission.

“The only explanation is that they appear to be driven by an agenda infused with hate, ignorance and Islamophobia intent on dehumanizing an entire religious community.” –  What sharia law actually means: The right wants to ban it in America, but do they even know what it is? by Justin Elliot

And though Christianity has been horrid and forgetful, I do believe Jesus had something to say about the human condition—”love your neighbor.” “Love your neighbor.” It would be nice to be reminded from time to time that Jesus did say that. Yet when a Christian friend of mine asks to be shown exactly where that is found in the Bible, at first I think that hope is lost and hell has won. I show him, knowing this will change nothing. “Kill your neighbor” usurps what Jesus actually taught in the minds of pseudo-Jesus professors. Bulling both in legislation and in the back alley is somehow justified as a means to a holy end.  We should throw Sharia Law in with Voter ID Laws–laws aimed at a demographic.  Neither of these two new Oklahoma fails are  issues crucial to the State except in the minds of a few extremists and those who vote for extremists.

Many people describe the American legal system as having a Judeo-Christian heritage. Does that mean that we will stone adulterers as required in the Bible? No.– Justin Elliot

It is tragic that dominion theology is allowed to flourish, but, sadly, they have a right to be.  Yeah, sometimes a democracy can suck.  Nevertheless, please, remember that it is wrong when anyone—Church not exempt—crosses the line on  citizens rights.  When it happens then this is the time for recall of elected officials, as well as a wake-up call for law.

Yes, there is stoning in the Bible and there is stoning in the Koran. Is there stoning in Oklahoma ?  I should think not.  There is no stoning of Sally Kern taking place either, only a recall that I am suggesting.

As a reminder, Sharia Law requires that all Muslims obey the laws of the United States. If only Sharia Law could require Christians  to do the same–obey U.S. Law.  Here’s hoping that U.S. Judges and the Constitution are enough to defend freedom and Liberty against Dominionist politicians. Sally Kern, Church and State, ya gotta keep ’em separated.


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