President Obama

‎”President Obama gave a hard hitting State of the Union speech last night, but the republicans were having none of it. Why not? Well, for one thing it laid plans to put America back to work, fight poverty, rebuild our infrastructure and rebuild the middle class. All things that our republicans in congress and those running for president have no interest in seeing come to fruition.

Governor Daniels’ answer to the State of the Union was mostly a rehash of what the republican haven’t done to help get this nation back on its feet and working again. He strangely enough actually agreed with the president on several issues, at least in a backhanded round about way. 

The difference between republicans vision of America and the president’s vision of America was clearly and skillfully defined by the president in his talk on the State of the Union. He has a plan to rebuild America. They have a plan to dismantle it and all of its many institutions and success stories and remake it over as a fascist plutocracy.

He wants to in-source jobs they want to give more tax cuts to the wealthy 1 percent, more tax breaks to big oil and mega-corporations and allow them to run rampant and unchecked doing whatever they want and taking whatever profit they decide they are going to have.

The president wants to restore fairness to the market place and in the work place. He wants every single American to have the same opportunity regardless of their race, color, gender, sexual orientation or economic status. The republicans want corporations to be more equal and have greater rights than the average citizen. They want to continue to give tax breaks and tax cuts and tax credits to those among us who have more than they need already. They want to continue allow out-sourcing companies to devastate the job market here at home so they can reap insane profits off the backs of exploited workers in third world countries while putting more of their own citizens out of work.

The president’s message was clear restore fairness to the job market. Give every single American the chance at an equal opportunity. Give every single citizen a chance at affordable health care. Restore the rights of our citizens to collectively bargain together for their economic well-being. He rejected the notion that only those who have can get. He rejected the idea that giving tax cuts to the wealthiest among us will trickle down eventually to all.

He offered a vision of America that gives every single member of our society a chance to have a piece of the American Dream. President Obama wants to restore the American Dream for everyone not just a privileged few. It was a great speech and it let the other side know that their intransigency is wrong. He offered them a chance to once again work together to make America great again.

Did they take it? No they rejected it out of hand, because what they have in mind for America and its citizens isn’t fairness or job creation. I think it was evident throughout his speech that their one goal is defeating Barack Obama and keeping the 99 percent exactly where they are today. The republicans have one vision of America and it begins and ends with Citizens United!” —– Bob Bearden

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