State of the Union

“The president articulated the State of the Union very well. He outlined plans for rebuilding our infrastructure, creating more jobs; jobs with fair wages and benefits – living wage jobs. He called for congress to work together to find solutions to the problems that plague our nation and its citizens. He spoke about a leaner, smaller government that works for everyone and where everyone not only shares it the bounty but also shoulders their fair share of the burden of rebuilding and running our nation.

It was a clear call for coming together as one people. The speech resonated well with the public. His poll numbers shot up into the 60 percentile for the first time in awhile. Polls matching him with the candidates from the neo-GOP showed him winning by a landslide against each one of them. It was a clear, level-headed, no nonsense call to action that millions could understand and agree with. The media in general gave him two thumbs up. Americans all across the spectrum found a lot of things in the speech they liked and agreed with.

On the other side of the aisle there was total disconnect. Proving once again no matter what Barack Obama says no matter how much ordinary Americans agree with him and his assessment of our current situation the neo-GOPers are having none of it. They didn’t offer any alternative save the same ole same ole. Trickle down – Voo Doo economics that is being trashed by some of the very people who orchestrated it in the first place.

Governor Daniels of Indiana who was chosen by the neo-GOP to give their response actually in a backhanded round about way even offered some of the same things president Obama outlined in his speech, all the while talking trash about the State of the Union message he gave. They didn’t even see the disconnect with what they were saying and what the media was hearing from the public in general all across the nation.

They have shown their true colors and no matter what Barack Obama offers they will not listen. Their one purpose is to defeat Barack Obama and if it means taking this country down with them, then they appear fully prepared to do that. It should be painfully apparent to any intelligent thoughtful American citizen that the 2012 election is about race and bigotry and not about fixing and repairing the problems created by George W. Bush (the lessor) and his false rush to war in Iraq and he and his Darth Vader Dick Cheney’s allowing Wall Street financiers to run loose and rob and rape this country and its citizens.

They hate the fact that we the people had the good sense to elect an articulate, intelligent, compassionate human being to the office of president that was also black. How dare we? They are so obsessed with putting him out of office and restoring the uneven balance in favor of a lot of sour old uber-rich white guys that they will do anything to make that happen. To the point of whoring for those men unashamedly.

They have made corporations into human entities and have given these corporations super rights that are not available to an ordinary citizen. They genuflect to the right and to a bunch of old white uber-rich men who want to make this nation into a fascist plutocracy where only a few sour faced jackasses of their ilk control everything.

In this brave new world that they wish to create out of the ashes of our democratic republic, women, minorities and ordinary people in general will not count for anything save how much money they can generate for the wealthiest 1 percent. It is a world in tune with H. G. Wells vision as outlined in 1984. A world where citizens are only important if they can produce more wealth for the Koch Brothers and the wholly owned congress creatures they will have in place to do their bidding.

It is not the American Dream they want to offer. It is the Nightmare on Main Street. We fought a war against demagogues of that strip once and we formed a nation of the people, for the people and by the people. A nation where every single citizens counted.

John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, New Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Bill O’Reilly and the people they shill for – The Koch Brothers, Rupert Murdoch and their ilk want to take away our rights and our freedoms, that our founders fought and died to give us. We must not let that happen.

It is truly a war for the conscience and the soul of our nation. One that we cannot lose!” —– Bob Bearden


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