Newt, Mitt, Ron and Rick Up to the Light of Day

“May wonders never cease. Newt Gingrich as the agent of change in Washington. Newt as the ultimate Washington outsider, champion of the downtrodden. As a Valley Girl would say, “Gag me with a spoon!” Newt the former Speaker of the House. Newt the lobbyist selling himself, nay prostituting himself to the highest bidder as someone who knows the ins and outs of the Beltway first hand. New the outsider? What a crock!

But, it is selling in Florida and with the Tea Partiers. Floridians should know better, but well what can one say about the Tea Baggers? They don’t even know how to spell simple words. They believe that the Revolutionary War was fought to not have to pay taxes and they can’t even quote our Constitution correctly. Most of them if they had a brain would take it out and play with rather than tax it with actual thoughts.


t the family values candidate, who had to enlist the aid of his daughters by his first wife whom he served divorce papers on while she was in the hospital being treated for cancer and he was already boffing his future second wife; using them to convince everyone that she was lying about his third wife whom he was stooping while still married to his second wife and trying to convince her to have an open marriage. Family values? Talk about Focus on the Family! He makes Desire Under the Elms seem tame by comparison.

It just get nastier and nastier. Mitt who is trying to convince us all that he has street creds and pays his fair share of taxes and paints himself as being in tune with and part of the 99 percent, while raking in $

400,000 dollars yearly from speaking engagements and paying less than 14 percent of his income from not sweat of his brow, but from investments given to him as perks from his shot time in the work force.

Rick Santorum who believes college students shouldn’t receive scholarships because they are being taught liberal values in college and that most of them shouldn’t even be allowed to go to college and that women who have been raped should just get used to it an adjust to the fact. This of course is a man who along with his equally wacky wife took their dead stillborn baby home with them and slept with it for 3 days.

Ron Paul with each new tape and newsletter shows us more of his KKK, White Supremacy side of good Dr that he is. Ron who would not allow women who were victims of rape and incest a choice to decide for themselves.

Boy do we have a bunch of Family Value candidates. A bigoted racist; a member of the 1 percent, a philander, and a right wing crazy that makes one wonder how he has managed to stay one step ahead of the people with in the white coats with nets all these years.

Barack Obama has more Family Values in his little finger than these four clowns have in their entire bodies combined. But, oh wait he’s an African American and that’s bad. We need to get him out of there before he turns the whole country on to his socialist ways. We need Mitt and Newt and Ron and Rick to take us back to them good ole days when men were men and women glowed and stayed at home and had babies and baked cookies.

You remember those days don’t you? The south had all them Jim Crow laws that kept ‘those people’ in their place and they were proud to be kept in their place. Them days when there was a commie pinko lurking around every corner and some idiot invented duck and cover to save us all from the effects of a nuclear attack? Yeah, right! Them were good ole days! Lynching’s and segregation! Boy howdy were them good old days or what?

God help us if any one of them clowns actually should get elected to the office of president.

Barack Obama may not be perfect but from where I stand he looks pretty damn close to it, especially when you hold Newt, and Mitt, and Ron and Rick up to the light of day, he looks picture perfect!” —– Bob Bearden


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