The Nineteenth Debate is in the Can

β€Ž”The nineteenth debate is in the can. What can you say? I’ll leave that up to your imagination. I know what can I would consign it to. The screed from the debates gets nastier. They attack each other not as someone who is best suited to fix the problems that are confronting our nation, but as the person best suited to take out our president. They talk about things that have no substance, not about what they will do to repair our nation and put in back on track.

They have settled into being the nastiest road show collection of candidates ever. They stand for nothing and after 19 debates one wonders why they continue? Their collective rhetoric do dishonor not only to themselves and the party they are seeking to represent, but to good taste and integrity. To a man they have prostituted themselves to the almighty dollar. Honesty has absolutely no place in their vocabulary. They hate women, they hate workers, they hate teachers, fire fighters, the police and obviously as any first year student of psychiatry would tell you, they hate themselves.

But well they should, for they have became shrewish shills for the uber-rich and all that, that means and stands for. In debate after debate they have shown their disdain for America and its people. In seeking the highest office in our land they are doing dishonor to the very office they seek to occupy. And the people who attend these debates have to be the most disconnected citizens of this nation. They laugh at vile barbs tossed about by one candidate or the other and especially when one of them tosses out some vile rhetoric about our president. There must be something on the ticket for entrance to these debates that says you must show your bigotry card or no admittance.

The debates have denigrated into vile name calling often using false information and out and out lies to back up their screed. They have no plans to fix things if they are elected. They seem to believe that once they defeat Barack Obama all will be right with the world. They offer nothing to create jobs save vague references to the Uber-rich as job creators and this depends upon the trice failed ‘trickle down’ theory. They have no plans to rebuild our infrastructure. They have no plans for improving public schools save putting kids in the inner city to work cleaning them rather than attending them.

They have become vile caricatures of what politicians should be. They stand for nothing more than giving more to the rich and less to those who are poor. They are racists and bigots. They would dismantle every program put in place to level the playing field of opportunity for those at the lower end of the economic scale.

They want to dismantle Social Security and Medicare and force millions of our citizens to fend for themselves in the market place that is health care in this nation. They have no compassion for the hungry, for those out of work and seeking jobs. They stand for one thing – that after it is drowned in the bath tub, a government that takes care of the rich, big oil and mega-multi-national corporations and no one else.

If we as a people and a nation elect any one of them as our president we will have done a disservice not only to ourselves and our posterity, but the honor and memory of those who founded our nation and those who worked so diligently to preserve it in times of crisis – George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Crispus Attucks, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Audie Leon Murphy, John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and Lyndon Baines Johnson” —– Bob Bearden


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