HB 1001 “Religious Viewpoints Anti-discrimination Act’-Anything But!

Here are the bills discussed today with the American’s United for the Separation of Church and State. It was very interesting and there was a mixed crowd of believers and nonbelievers, but who all shared common ground: that we understand and realize the importance of keeping the wall of Church and State a mile wide and made of cement. Please don’t take the titles of these at face value-seems our conservative ‘friends’ like to engage in marketing fraud (newsflash-I know)
HB 1001 “Religious Viewpoints Anti-discrimination Act’-anything but!
  • Would allow religion into many aspects of school.
  • Copied directly from Texas law. Texas School Board strongly opposed it and recommends school districts not to adopt.
  • Outlines which students at schools can speak in public forums/events, gives a platform for religious prosthelyizing to captive audience, by selected students.
  • SB 1742 “Oklahoma Science Education Act”
  • 40 bills introduced in 12 states (5 in OK), only passed in LA., which has come at a significant cost.
  • Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology cancelled their convention (over 2,000+ attendees) in NOLA and moved it to Salt Lake City after this bill was signed.
  • Gives teacher the right to use supplemental textbooks and instructional materials to introduce creationism.
  • It states “This act shall not be construed to promote any religious doctrine or set religious beliefs” (laughable), given the sources of this bill and the groups that have promoted the bills around the country. Brecheen (author) has even stated religious intent.
  • The LA sponsor said the bill was to allow creationism and was supported by Louisiana Family Forum and Discovery Institute.
  • Cast negative attention on Oklahoma January 23,2012 in the Wall Street Journal
  • SB1266
  • Tax law that undermines and Oklahoma constitution 2-5
by Kellina Vanpool
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