The Economy is Growing Again

“The news is good. Another 200,000 plus jobs created. The auto industry is sound again and not only have they paid back the bailout loan pushed through congress by President Obama they are hiring workers again. The economy is growing, albeit slowly, it is growing again. Unemployment is down to 8.3 percent the lowest in nearly 3 years. All that is and should be good news. We of course should understand there are still millions out of work and the economic situation could and should be a lot better.

But, what do we hear from the right? They don’t care that things are better. Why is that? Well for one thing they don’t care about the poor and disadvantaged. They don’t care about the auto industry and the fact that Detroit is again competing well against foreign imports. John Boehner said so what? Mitt Romney said he don’t care about that it doesn’t mean anything. Newt Gingrich says you can give Obama credit if you want to, but he, well he don’t want to.

Rick Santorum and Ron Paul well they just continue to rant about keeping women as second class citizens. They don’t seem to care about much of anything else, unless you count sleeping with dead babies as an idea whose time has come. Or making women who have been raped and molested learn to live with it and like it.

What does all of this tell you about those who are running for president of this nation? It tells me that they only care about one thing and it isn’t rebuilding our infrastructure or fixing education or putting our citizens back to work. No they don’t care about that for if they did they would be applauding the efforts by our president and what he has accomplished so far. They would be trying to find ways to make what he has been doing work even better.

The stimulus package is working our roads our streets and our infrastructure are being rebuilt. The auto bail out which none of these old white guys wanted or supported worked and the auto industry is back and helping fuel a more healthy economy and contributing to the rebuilding of America and helping also to put Americans back to work. Is there something wrong with that?

Not unless you are Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum or Ron Paul and the people they shill for and represent. Who do they represent? Well, it’s for damn sure it ain’t the 99 percent of us who are out there trying to make ends meet and feed our families and have a life.

No they represent the 1 percent who already have more than they need and yet they still want more. And Rick and Ron and Newty and Mitt are striving to give it to them. They are working hard to take away what little we in the 99 percent have and give it over to those they owe their allegiance to – the Uber-Rich. People like the Koch Brothers who want to make this nation over into a fascist plutocracy. They want to give corporations super citizenship and thanks to the 5 supreme’s they are getting a head start in that direction.

Who should we vote for when election time rolls around. It is each citizen’s right to vote they way they choose. But, it is also should be an imperative of citizenship to be informed as to what each candidate stands for and what they have pledged to do if elected.

Given that context Rick and Ron and Mitt and Newty are not choices that I would make. Maybe President Obama hasn’t delivered on all of his promises and he may not be a Franklin Roosevelt or even a Teddy Roosevelt, but when what he stands for and what Newt, Ron, Rick and Mitt stand for is held up to the light of day, there is only one choice we can make!” —– Bob Bearden

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