Defeating Barack Obama

“Rick Santorum as right wingy as there is a right wingy. A man who sleeps with deceased babies and thinks a woman who has been raped should just learn to like it and move on. They love him in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota apparently. Rabid is the word I would most closely associate with Rick. He’s anti- women, anti-education, anti-poor and disadvantaged. He’s pretty much anti-everything if it has anything to do with putting our nation back to work and fixing our education system and infrastructure.

It shows the decay that is eating away at the Grand Old Party of Lincoln. We have Mitt Romney who has gone from a liberal compassionate conservative to a rabid anti-everything and who to cares not for the poor. They don’t need our help because they have safety net. A safety net that if he gets elected to the presidency he will slice into and let them drop in the abyss. Wow! What a wonderful guy!

We have Newt Gingrich who hasn’t met a woman he wouldn’t sleep with, if he can just get his current wife to agree to an open marriage. Family values kind of guy this Newt fellow. Didn’t they used to use eye of newt in some kind of concoction or brew? Newt he don’t care about the poor either they don’t matter. And Newty says Obama doesn’t deserve any credit for the lowering of unemployment or for saving the auto industry.

In fact all four neo-cons running for president say we shouldn’t have bailed out the auto industry. Their logic flies in the face of the fact that because of the bailout the auto industry is back stronger than ever, having paid off the loans they received in record time and are once again hiring workers and in the process contributing to a more healthy economy. Whoa! They shouldn’t be doing that? And we Americans, through our government, shouldn’t have bailed them out?


The economic news is getting steadily better, but Newt, Mitt, Rick and Ron are having none of it. They along with their congressional right wing types in the persona of John ‘Tan and Tone America’ Boehner, Eric ‘They are a Mob’ Cantor and Mitch ‘Empower Grandma’ McConnell don’t want America to have great or even good economic news. No they would prefer that our country and its institutions fail and our people be driven to the poor house as fast as humanly possible. Why is that?

Well, if they can make that happen they can maybe defeat Barack Obama and then they won’t have to point up the fact that they hate the idea of having a bright, intelligent, compassionate African American as their and our president. They won’t have to admit what their real reason for wanting him out of office. They don’t want to admit that he may be doing something right. If they did that then they would have to admit that the only reason they want him out of office is because he is black.
It isn’t easy being a bigot and trying with all your might not to let it show– is it Newt, Mitt, Rick and Ron? But, there is it. Listen to what they are saying and you will immediately be able to understand it isn’t about fixing the problems confronting our nation and its citizens. It’s about defeating Barack Obama and putting a bunch of old white guys back in charge! Restoring the balance of bigotry and cronyism to the universe! As the ‘Church Lady’ might say: “Isn’t that special?”!” —– Bob Bearden

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