‎Citizens United, a Concept

‎”Citizens United, what a concept. Now all the right wing scrazies who want to run for office can have their own billionaire. All they got to do is genuflect to the right just far enough and viola! they will be rolling in cash. Thanks to the 5 Supreme’s. Never in the long history of jurisprudence have a worse group of justices ever graced the Supreme Court as a group or as a single justice than the 5 supreme’s.

Their abhorrent decision has allowed all of the deep pocketed H.L. Hunt wanna bee’s to crawl out from under the rocks they have been hiding and shine the light of day upon their sorry carcasses. They have been trying to figure out how to buy America for decades and now as the antecedents of Welch, Hunt and yes Nathan Bedford Forrest, they have been given the opportunity of their lifetimes.

The signs are out – ‘Want To Own A Politician? Easy Pony Up A Cool Million And They Are Yours!’ Thank You Citizens United And The 5 Supreme’s! Working Hard For You Old Rich White Guys!’

Before Citizens United, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich would have already conceded the day in the republican primary race, but thanks to Citizens United they have each glommed on to a rich sugar daddy with deep pockets who is willing to pony up a few million bucks into their campaign coffers and help them live out the ultimate American Dream, being owned lock stock and teardrop by a rich old white wing scrazy who before Citizens United would have kept quietly to themselves under the nearest rock and whined privately about the 99 percent having too much say in this experiment that we call a democratic republic!

Jimmy Stewart, Gary Cooper and Spencer Tracy spin in your graves. Mr Smith ain’t going to Washington anytime soon and Frank Capra is dead! Long Live Citizens United! Down With The Republic! Up With The Plutocracy! Mussolini would be beside himself with glee! Hitler would be dancing one of his creepy jigs!

The world has turned upside down. We are in a world where, thanks to Citizens United, a politico has the nerve to stand up in front of an audience of American citizens and say, “Women who are raped should just get over it learn to live with it!” and no one in the room even sees that, there is a problem with that statement! What has our country come to?” —– Bob Bearden


See also:

Citizens United Decision and Bolivia’s Mother Earth Laws


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