A GOP Formula for “Economic Success”

An excerpt from today’s New York Times article about the recovery of Michigan’s economy. Note the pattern: Republicans took over Michigan recently. The first thing they did? Read below:

“Mr. Nixon attributed the improved state budget [Michigan’s] outlook to the state’s broader economic uptick, but also, in part, to tax and policy changes Governor Snyder [a Republican, of course] pressed. The state replaced a business tax with a corporate income tax that is expected to save businesses $1.5 billion a year, though that change did not take effect until January.

To make up lost dollars, lawmakers agreed to tax public workers’ pensions, reduce the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit for the working poor, and remove or reduce other tax exemptions and deductions — moves Mr. Snyder’s critics point to as evidence that even if Michigan’s businesses start feeling better, its ordinary families may feel worse.”  New York Times

—-So, the usual Republican formula for “economic success” was used: give the corporations a $1.5 Billion dollar increase in money and cut workers’ pensions, tax credits and other benefits. If I live to be a thousand years old I’ll never, ever understand why working people vote for Republicans. They ALWAYS do the same thing: screw the workers, give money to the rich. Why, why, why do workers ever vote for them?

Charles Kolker


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