by Bob Murl Bearden

‎Contraception! Ah! Something that 99 percent of women who are still in their child bearing years practice, whether Catholic or no. So the right wing crazies can’t get to Obama because he is fixing the economy. They can’t attack him on terrorism. They can’t attack him on jobs. So here they come hiding behind a bogey man backed up by a bunch of old men who are celibate attacking him on contraception something that practically every woman in the country practices in one form or other at one time or another and which the men in their lives are always grateful their consideration. I believe everyone is entitled to believe as they choose, but why is this just now becoming an issue?

Twenty-eight states already have the same requirement he is seeking to enforce. Why did not the Bishops attack those states long ago? Funny that they waited until 2012 to have a problem with this. And it would seem based on all the polls that they are somewhat out of touch with their own constituents on this, since the latest polling indicates that 58 percent of Catholics agree with Obama’s stance, which is actually slightly higher that of the general populace.

Well, maybe because none of the states who have previously had and enforced this requirement has had at their head a literate, compassionate, intelligent African-American. This is an issue who for the hapless right wing the time has come. Their mantra is: We got to defeat Barack Obama and get a bunch of old white guys back in charge of this country. Restore balance to their universe. Whatever works! Whatever way they can disguise their hatred of Barack Obama and the fact that we Americans had the audacity to elect him our president, they will do.

Don’t we need a real man like Rick Santorum in charge. Let’s see Rick – he who would make women grin and bear it when they are raped. Rick who loves to sleep with dead babies. Rick who thinks contraception is the moral decay that is destroying our nation. What a piece of work.

Newt Gingrich the ‘family man’. Loves to leave his wives while they are down and suffering. Newt who was boffing his future wife while still married, and trying to get his wife at the time to agree to having an open marriage all the while trying to get Bill Clinton impeached for having sex with an intern. What a family man. What family values! What a piece of work.

Mitt Romney, whose family twice immigrated to this country. The second time they left first and then came back, because his granddad had too many wives and didn’t want to give them up. Mitt who doesn’t want to talk about his family’s second migration into this country. Mitt who thinks poor people don’t count. What a moralist. What a compassionate conservative. What a flip flopper. What a piece of work.

Ron Paul! What a piece of work, just on general terms and most of the above!

Let’s get rid of a guy who loves his wife; has only had one and is a real family man who has real morals and family values! Who is turning this country around. Who has gotten and gotten rid of 22 of the 30 or so terrorists responsible for 9/11. Make sense? Not to me! But, it’s not about the kind of person he his, or what he is trying to do to fix the problems we are having in this country. No it’s about the fact that he is black and they hate it that they can’t attack him for their prejudices. So they drag up any bogey man they think will work this week!

What a piece of work they are – collectively and singularly. What a crock of collective crap they are! Family values? Moral values? They change them to fit the prevailing winds or whatever they think will give them a chance to defeat Barack Obama! Moral values? What moral values? What Christian values? Do they even know who Jesus Christ was? I think not!” —– Bob Bearden

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