Annual CPAC

“The annual CPAC vitriolic extravaganza has went on its merry way. As per usual it was a vituperative attack on liberals in general and Obama in particular. Cal Thomas that right-wing media hack did steal the day somewhat with his unprovoked and dastardly attack (with apologies to Franklin Roosevelt) on Rachel Maddow. Cal is a media hack whose time has long since past and apparently he has been reduced to attacking anyone in the media that is willing to stand up, hit their mark and tell the truth (to steal a line from James Cagney).The CPAC was a parade of miscreant darlings of the right wing screed variety. Sarah ‘Quit While You Are Ahead” Palin, the half governor, formerly known as. She was there spewing out her beauty queen sound bites with her normal inability to get facts straight. Michelle Bachman came saw and screwed up history again, but she did it gushingly so that it made one think more of Joan Rivers than it did a politician.

Newt was there attacking Obama for all the good things he has done and leering suggestively at the ladies. Rick Santorum was even weirder than usual and said so many off the wall crazy things that maybe someone should help him seek physiatric treatment before he takes off like ‘Mac the Knife’ and does something rash! As if he hasn’t been rash enough already to be measured for an XL sized straight jacket.

Ron Paul was his usual effusive self, but he has become almost an after thought among the right wingers that it appears only a few delusional right wing leaning libertarians are even listening to his bigoted spiel.

No Mitt Romney the one candidate no one in the neo-republican party seems comfortable with won the beauty poll this year at the CPAC annual anointing contest.

The CPAC conference simply pointed up what is ailing the neo-cons and the neo-republicans this year. They don’t have a normal sane candidate that has verve, intelligence, is a family man and can get things done. Ah, yes the democrats have that guy. His name is Barack Obama! Eat your heart out Mitt, et .al.!” —– Bob Bearden


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