Suddenly Running From the Past

by Bob Bearden‎

Suddenly Last Summer’, the title of a Monty Cliff, Kate Hepburn, Liz Taylor starrer in the late 50’s that actually explored the idea of homosexuality before there was much openness on the issue. Now Suddenly Mid February we are being given a revisionist history of Rick Santorum. He is even rewriting his book and now blaming his wife for the remark in his book about radical feminism.



Why is this happening? Oh, Rick has Suddenly become a front runner in the neo-republican primary season and boy is he running, away from all his past. That’s quite a mouthful to run away from. He thinks women should just grin and bear it when they are raped. He thinks women don’t have the right physical make-up to serve in combat. He thinks contraception is a sin and should be a criminal offense.

In other words he is a piece of work who now wants to soften the blows he has been handing out on a lot of issues and essentially re-write his history both current and past. Yeah, this is the guy we want to elect as our president. Any problems that cropped up during his term he could just blame on his stay at home wife. And it would appear she doesn’t mind being blamed. Go figure?

Why anyone would want to elect Rick or any of the other 3 neo-con republicans running for president is beyond me. They have all tried to re-write their own personal and political histories during the campaign. Honesty in government would not appear to be their strong suit.

Ron Paul reformed bigot that he is denies he ever wrote any of the racist bigoted screed in the newsletter under his name. I guess he could use the same type of excuse that the dog instead of eating the newsletter wrote it. Plausible deniability huh? Doesn’t work actually, since he only denied writing the newsletter not publishing it.

Newt Gingrich now pretty much denies any culpability in dumping his two ex-wives and even deny the manner in which they were dumped. He even denies that he tried to get his second wife to accept an open marriage so he could openly cavort with his future current wife, who now sticks to his side like glue. And given his past history (which of course he denies) well she should.

Mitt Romney is an even bigger re-writer of history. He has re-written the personal history of his family, leaving out the part about his grandfather leaving this country for Mexico over the issue of polygamy. He has even denied ever authoring a universal health care bill while governor of Massachusetts.

I wonder if any of these clowns have read Rudyard Kipling’s “Gods of the Copybook Headings’? They must have since they fit the profile of that poem perfectly. They would if asked, I bet, deny that the moon is even Stilton!

What a group! They are the worst collective piece of work ever to decide to run for president. I devoutly hope that our nation and its citizens have not regressed so far into the mire as to elect any one of them president. What a sad day for this nation if that should come to pass!” —– Bob Bearden




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