You May Now Have Birth Control as an Issue

‎Birth control is this an issue who’s time has come? Or is it an issue being used to defeat Barack Obama? Polls show that almost every woman who is still in their child bearing years uses some form of contraception, if not all the time some to a lot of the time. So why are the Catholic Bishops making such a big deal out of this?

Especially, since a much higher percentage of Catholic women, than the overall populace, have said they practice contraception in some form or other. The Catholic Bishops going nuts over this issue are the same Catholic Bishops who drug their feet over the issue of pedophile priests and threw roadblock after roadblock in front of investigators and families of molested children and those who were molested when they tried to stop it and get the church (and these same Bishops) to admit there was even a problem.

Of course all of the neo-cons running to defeat Barack Obama are jumping on board trying to make hay of this so that they can get the public’s attention focused, not on why they aren’t helping our president create more jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, fixing our broken education system and making things better for the 99 percent of Americans who are suffering. John Boehner and company think they have hit upon a way to take out Barack and are suddenly jumping on the Bishop’s bandwagon with all the gusto and glee they have never had for fixing what’s wrong with America.

Contraception is a non-issue. It should never be an issue. What a woman does with her body should be between her and whatever God she does or does not worship. The neo-cons yell loudest when they talk about getting government off of our backs. That is except when it comes to letting the government into our bedrooms and telling women what they should and should not think or do.

They are all a bunch of bigoted hypocrites. It simply goes against my grain to think that a bunch of old men who are supposed to be celibate (and that’s another story) and a bunch of neo-con republicans who never saw a real issue they couldn’t run from, want to create an issue around contraception. If there ever was a perfect reason for telling a bunch of old (mostly white) men to get lost and get the hell out of a woman’s life this would be the reason, at least for me.

John Boehner and company, grand shills that they are for the 1 percent of Americans need to get the hell out of a woman’s bedroom and into the real world of rebuilding this nation and fixing our schools and creating jobs. It is unconceivable to me that the media has allowed a bunch of white guys in robes and right-wing nuts like Rick Santorum to tell women what they can and can’t do and give them a platform to take more rights away from the actual majority of our citizens! They are giving religion and its practice a bad name and another black eye!

And what really upsets me about this is that some of the nicest people I know are good practicing Catholics. They are being caught in the middle of an issue that should be a personal choice and not an issue whereby any minister or priest or holy person (especially a man) should have a say in! I know some Catholic Priests who are friends of mine and who I know on a personal level don’t necessarily agree with their hierarchy on this issue!” —– Bob Bearden


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