Because We Have Carefully Defined Choices

by Bob Murl Bearden
‎This year we have a Charles Dickens tale, A Tale of Two Cities as it were.  On the right we have measured zealots who hate gays and lesbians. They dislike the very idea that women should use contraceptives. They hate the fact that workers should even want to band together to collectively bargain for pay, benefits and better working conditions. They would deny aid to seniors and take away their safety net provided by Social Security and Medicare. They hate the very document that has helped provide all of these things. Our Constitution.They deny that we are a socialist nation. A nation of the people, for the people and by the people. Socialism at is very best. They prefer to give personhood to an unfeeling, uncaring non-human thing called corporation. They preach that Jesus believed that it was okay to be rich and to ignore the poor. This despite all the empirical evidence to the contrary.

They don’t believe in social justice unless it is only for those who can afford it. They would let millions of our citizens starve and go without medical care. Their mantra is if you don’t have a job it’s your fault. You are shiftless and lazy. If you are poor and hungry they don’t care about you. They would do away with child labor laws and put children back to work cleaning schools not attending them. They believe in education, but only for those that can afford it and would bring back segregated schools. Schools at which only those whose parents could afford the price of admission would be able to have their children admitted to.

On the other side, the left side, the liberal side if you will. You have a president who has worked for three years to put people back to work to provide all of our citizens with affordable health care. He has worked hard to continue to make sure the senior safety nets of Medicare and Social Security remain. He cares about social justice and not just for the privileged few, but for every single citizen of this country.

Yes, in 2012 we have carefully defined choices. We can choose to go with the those on the right who would lead this country and its citizens down the path towards ending our grand experiment in socialism as a Democratic Republic that cares about every single citizen regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, gender or sexual orientation towards a nation that would allow only those who could afford to pay the price to be free and equal. A Fascist plutocracy!

I say we need to continue the struggle began by our fore bearers 237 years ago towards a more perfect union, trying to establish justice for all; trying to ensure domestic tranquility for all; trying to provide for the common defense for all; trying to promote the general welfare for all! That is what a true socialist nation does. That is what this nation is all about. It is what we as Americans are all about. It is what we have been about for the last 237 years!” —– Bob Bearden


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