Taking Back the Mantel of Leadership

by Bob Bearden

As it is the political season the rhetoric rises vile and bold. And Citizens United has given rise to a new type of politico, one or two whom are emerging from the shadows whence they have hidden slowly beginning now to hog the limelight as they have begun to realize what they are doing is possibly going to make a difference in who gets elected president.

They aren’t a lot different from the politicians they are pushing with their millions of dollars. And they aren’t a lot different from past members of the uber-rich fraternity the likes of which founded the John Birch Society, et. al., clueless and guileful with slightly warped minds and gutter snipe humor. They are reveling in the fact that they can own a politician outright and be able to say and do whatever they want, especially when it comes to throwing money around. It gives them status on the endless pundit shows and makes them appear bigger than life not only to the huddled unwashed masses but to the very people they are purchasing.

They are giving rise to even more warped barely sane candidates who are wallowing in their good fortunate and they are giving rise to the politician’s delusions of grandeur to the point whereby they (the politicians) are beyond believing in their accession to the glory of the White House. They are starting to accept that they have been ordained to take Barack Obama’s place in the Oval Office. They are seeing it as their ‘God-Given Right’. They don’t see it as being bankrolled but being given the opportunity to reach out and grab the ultimate American Dream of all good White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, Waspish hale fellows well met that they believe themselves to be, the right to rule.

They have been washed in the blood, not of the lamb, but the blood of unbridled greed. Fueled by the 5 Supreme’s and their horrendous decision they see it as their Crusade to end the godless rule of a man who wasn’t ever supposed to rise above his roots. The roots not of his Irish ancestors but the roots of his African ancestors. He slapped them in the face and took away their dignity as WASP’s and sorely upset the apple cart of the ‘good ole boy’ fraternity whereby only ‘Father (white old guy that he should be) Knows Best’!

They can be classed for what they are – Bigots all. Oh, they don’t really hate black people, but they are sore afraid that since civil rights has been let out of the box it was held in for lo so many years (and by an old white guy by the name of LBJ southern Texican and all that he was at the urging and collusion of an old white guy from the north, Everett Dirksen, prodded by an African-American by the name of Martin Luther King, Jr) that the status quo of their carefully defined universe has been damaged and in dire need of repair.

So along comes 5 old guys (4 of them white) and they knew exactly what was needed to end the damage done by King, Dirksen and LBJ. Give the deep-seated right-wing fear mongers a way to balance the scales and take back the mantel of leadership that was rightly theirs.

And so today we have a group of candidates who call themselves conservatives and who pretend they are the saviors of a nation much in need of saving. But, from what? Not from the excesses of the greedy financial wizards whose greed and avarice almost destroyed this nation and the world. Not from those who would destroy public education and public institutions like the postal service. Not from those who would take away a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her own personal health.

Not from governors who would take away a worker’s right to bargain collectively in the name of balancing the budget of their state. Not from the forces who would end the lifeline extended by LBJ to millions of seniors in the form of Medicare that have allowed those same seniors to live long and productive lives. Not to the millions of our elderly who have been able to live a life of dignity provided them by Social Security.

No not from any of the many things that need to be repaired and rebuild in our nation. No they want to destroy our institutions and in the name of Citizens United give the running of our nation over to the uber-rich and the mega corporations. They don’t like the fact that America is beginning to live out its creed that all our created equal.

They want to destroy the very fabric that our founders gave us – The Constitution of the United States of America. They want to take away our Bill of Rights and replace it with whatever warped ideas of government and religion they believe in, without regards to what is right, just or fair.

They do not believe in our Constitution. They do not believe that is should be a document that establishes justice, ensures domestic tranquility, provides for the common defence, promotes the general welfare or secures the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

For those reasons I contend they are bigots of the first order of bigots. What they stand for and what they want to do to this nation and its citizens is to end our grand experiment as a Democratic Republic and reform it as a Fascist Plutocracy where only the elite few would have rights and the remaining 99 percent would owe their souls to the company store!” —– Bob Bearden


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