US Held Hostage Till Demands are Met

by Terry Gresham

Folks linking the no compromise stance in Congress to Last Days Ministries’  Keith Green, a Christian entertainer of the 80’s, may find some truth there? Yet, it doesn’t really start there. A more realistic direct link is proposed aptly that links the stance to Confederate Christians. Is the South gonna do it again? Why do candidates sign documents saying Black Children were better off as slaves? What’s the rush to abolish Civil Rights Amendments?  In understanding today’s political climate one need only ask, “Why No Compromise?”

Micheal Lind in “The Tea Party, the debt ceiling, and white Southern Extremism,”  the goal, methods and passions of the Tea Party in the House are all characteristic of the radical Southern right:

“The debt ceiling crisis is the latest case in which the radical right in the South has held America hostage until its demands are met. Presidents Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln refused to appease the Southern fanatics. Unfortunately, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress chose not to follow their example and instead gave in. In doing so, they have encouraged the neo-Confederate minority in Congress to find yet another opportunity in the near future to extort concessions from America’s majority by sabotaging America’s government.”- Micheal Lind

Sara Posner of Religious goes even further explaining the roots of Christian Reconstructionism,

“For the ties between the neo-confederates and the Christian Reconstructionists, Sebesta and Hague’s essay is illuminating, and (without doing so explicitly) explains a great deal about how the “Christian nation” mythology promoted by David Barton and others has become enmeshed with a whitewashing of the history of slavery in the United States. Sebesta and Hague maintain that the League of the South, which advocates for secession and a second confederacy, bases its position on a nationalistic reading of the Bible:

“This position is centred upon what we identify as the theological war thesis, an assessment that interprets the nineteenth-century CSA [Confederate States of America] to be an orthodox Christian nation and understands the 1861–1865 US Civil War to have been a theological war over the future of American religiosity fought between devout Confederate and heretical Union states. In turn, this reasoning leads to claims that the “stars and bars” battle flag and other Confederate icons are Christian symbols and the assertion that opposition to them equates to a rejection of Christianity.”

Restoring the American Jurisprudence to its “Biblical Foundations” : “As the “theological war” … this once peripheral interpretation of the Civil War as a theological struggle between orthodox Christian Confederate states and heretical Union states has gained credibility and adherents, becoming intertwined with wider Confederate heritage and conservative Christian opinion.” – Sarah Posner

Ideas are seldom new. Okay, Aristocrats, the US will be held hostage till demands are met. Please say something new in the interim. I grow weary of your constant: No Compromise, Real Americans. Restoring the American Jurisprudence to its “Biblical Foundations,” Christians are “Second-Class Citizens,” ad nauseam. Please, say something clever. Anything, why don’t ya? 

 O how righteous baloney goes back a long way to get where it’s got to today.   It’s safe to say that ideas like regurgitation from today’s politicians never materialize out of thin air neither are their ideas gained from interviews with gods, ever.  Yeah, I know. I KNOW!  John Adams said that better:

“In the formation of the American governments . . . it will never be pretended that any persons employed in that service had interviews with the gods, or were in any degree under the influence of heaven. . . . These governments were contrived merely by the use of reason and the senses.” – John Adams, in “A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America” (1787-1788)


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