Election Politics Fueling More Outrageous Statements

 by Bob Murl Bearden
‎”Presidential election politics are fueling more and more outrageous statements by some of the participants in the race to unseat Barack Obama. A lot of these statements by the various candidates trying to out conservative the most extreme conservative would be outrageously funny were it not for the fact that the men who are making them seem to believe and revel in what they are saying. That makes their pronouncements scary.Hitler was dismissed as a crackpot early on in his career. And that assessment was eerily accurate as it turned out, but he persisted and eventually – well we should all know how his persistence ended and what havoc it wrecked for Germany, Europe, the world and for Jews in particular. So we can’t out of hand dismiss any of the pronouncements that the candidates are issuing regardless of how outrageous they are or seem to be.

One reason is that there is a whole wrath of people (as Andy Griffin might opine) out there who hang on every word these guys utter and eat it up as it were. You might also dismiss these people as a bunch of crazies and for the most part you would be right, but wait as the pitchman is fond of saying – there’s more. These designated crazies vote. That makes everything brought into the mix by the candidates even more worrisome and scary.

Because if the voter turn out gets suppressed and that is a distinct possibility in a number of states where vote ID laws have passed which restrict the right of minorities, students, the poor and disadvantaged to vote in the upcoming election, then we could well get one of these extreme severe conservatives elected as our president.

In this election year we are faced with a definite definitive choice between two very different candidates. Barack Obama, a Democrat who though not a liberal in the model of Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson or John Kennedy is far to the left of any of the candidates on the Republican side from Mitt Romney whose pronouncements place him all over the place to Rick Santorum who leaves no doubt to anyone where he stands.

The old saying ‘The road to Hell is paved with good intentions’! I believe that how our electorate votes in this election will determine whether or not our nation’s ‘road to hell’ leaves us with a president who will gleefully direct our nation down that road to hell or make every attempt to return us to some measure of prosperity and repair. We will have a choice to make on election day November 6. The choice we make will have a profound affect upon not only us, but upon the lives of our children and our grandchildren. We cannot be too careful in making the right choice!” —– Bob Bearden


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