Now It’s the Rising Gas Prices

by Bob Murl Bearden
The attacks on the president continue. Those running to unseat him try to latch onto anything they think might possibly stick, so far nothing has. Now it’s the rising gas prices. They are trying to attack him and his energy policies.He has been working to make this country less dependent on oil, especially foreign oil. He has attempted to get congress to pass legislation to look for alternative energy sources like wind power, etc. They of course are currently ruled and controlled by big oil interests which have no desire to get us out of the dirty business of fossil fuel use and into the business of clean renewable energy.Newt Gingrich attacked the president and his energy policy by stating flatly that if he were elected president he could reduce the price of gas to $2 a gallon at the pump. How would he accomplish this? Well given that he is pretty much in the pocket of big oil he would allow them to drill baby drill wherever they wanted which would mean all of our pristine national forests and national wildlife parks. But, aside from starting to drill at those locations we are drilling more wells than ever before.Since 2009, which is the year that Obama took office, drilling rigs have increased in this country 350 percent over anytime during the Bush administration, or for that matter anytime in the history of drilling for oil. And the Bush administration which was a big oil gorger extraordinaire! Bush was big oil! Well, big oil bust for the most part, but the giant energy company Enron and Ken Lay were his bosom buddies.

All of the candidates have chided, well let’s say it right attacked the president over rising gas prices. They are salivating at the prospect of finally finding something they can bite into that sticks to their teeth and they are going try to hang on for dear life. It isn’t working as all the polls indicate the president is still riding out front in almost every poll you can find across the spectrum and across the country. But, they can dream.

This points up the facts about who is running against the president. Even rank and file members of their own party wish that the Grand Old Party of Lincoln could find someone other than the ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’, none of whom on a good day can stack up to Barack Obama. Most GOP polls show that anywhere from 40 to 51 percent of GOP voters wish that someone somewhere would smile and say, “I’m running!” Not likely to happen, but they can dream!” —– Bob Bearden

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