Rush Limbaugh: Blovicator of the First Rank

By Bob Murl Bearden
‎It is no secret that Rush Limbaugh is a blovicator of the first rank. That he is a vile despicable ex-druggy is also of little dispute. That he is a shill for the Republican Party is something that has been known for a number of years. That he as had a long-standing hatred of women in general is also pretty much common knowledge, as he coined the name feminazis as a name for women.He has always pushed to the very edge of what might be termed as reasonable, at least in right-wing neo-con circles. For my part he long ago went past being counted as a person of any integrity – as a man, as a journalist – as an entertainment personality or as a human being. Now he has stepped well past any line that would or should allow him to continue to spew out his racist, bigoted screed on radio or television on any media.His calling a woman a slut on his program simply because she testified in favor of permitting women the right to make a decision about the health and welfare of their own bodies is as despicable as it can possibly get and he should be boycotted, sacked and driven from the airwaves. He is a charlatan of the first rank.

But, what is even worse is the fact that not one of the ‘Four Horsemen’, you know the four old white guys running to defeat Barack Obama has stood up and called him out on his words. Why not? I would guess it would be for one of two reasons or for both of the reasons. One they are afraid to call out a man who has become a ‘king maker’ in republican circles or two they agree with what he said. Either way they are just as despicable as he is.

There should have been immediate condemnation across the board from the republican party of him and his heinous statement, but instead there has been dead silence from Mitt, Newt, Rick and Ron. You couldn’t get them to shut up when it came to denying a woman the right to decide for herself the health and welfare of her own body, but it’s okay as far as they are concerned for Rush to call a woman a slut, simply because she wants to control and make decisions about her health and well-being and decide for herself whether or not to use contraceptives.

And what about the wives of the ‘Four Horsemen of Apocalypse’? Where are they? Why are they not speaking out? Apparently they too agree with Rush! What a shameful group of people these old white guys and their families are that are running to unseat Barack Obama. As Joseph Welch once said of ‘Tailgunner’ Joe McCarthy, “Have they no sense of decency? At long last have they no sense of decency?” —– Bob Bearden


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