Georgetown University Law Student

By Bob Murl Bearden
A young Georgetown University Law Student, testifies before Congress about the right of women to have access to contraceptives, not for sex, but as a woman’s basic health issue. And Rush Limbaugh, despicable human being that he is, calls her a slut and a prostitute. He is then backed up by his bud in talk show crimes and misdemeanors Bill O’Reilly.

And the leaders of the republican party are totally silent for three days. Not one word in three days. And they wouldn’t have answered even yet had they not been called out on the issue. Their responses? Their responses to a man show a complete lack of integrity, sensibility and compassion from them as human beings, men and as politicians.

Rick Santorum when asked responded that Rush’s comments were absurd, but should have been taken in the context of entertainment. Entertainment? Since when has Rush Limbaugh been considered an entertainer? He is an avowed right-wing pundit of political commentary he’s not now nor has he ever been considered an entertainer! This from a guy who wants us to elect him chief privacy policeman of our nation? Got guts? Don’t think so! Rick lacks the integrity of his convictions and it clearly shows.

Mitt Romney’s comment left the distinct impression that he agreed with Limbaugh. He said, “Those weren’t the words I would have used.” The clear implication here is that yes he agreed with Limbaugh but he would have used a couple of other words to describe Ms Fluke. What other words? Whore? Fluzzie? Both vile terms and I won’t put words into Mitt’s mouth. Lord know’s he’s much better at sticking his foot in his mouth than I am anyway. But, he clearly showed that he agreed with Rush’s comments, just would have used more subtle language to describe Ms. Fluke. This is a man who wants us to elect him to the highest office in the land. Got Cajones? Don’t think so! Mitt is someone who has absolutely no integrity, decency or compassion.

John Boehner, speaker of the house only responded after receiving a letter from 75 Democratic Representatives asking him to ask for an apology from Limbaugh for his remarks. John ‘Tan and Tone America’s response was to try to turn Rush’s vile comments into a jab at the Democratic Party. Integrity! John has absolutely no integrity.

It is plain as the nose on one’s face that the republican party has lost not only its compassion for individual rights, its compassion for individual citizens and in doing so they have lost their right to govern. They are the party of No. They are the party of vile racists and bigots the like of Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. They are no longer the Grand Old Party of Lincoln.

They are sponsoring an open and vile attack on the women of this nation. They want to take away the rights of the majority of our citizens to decide for themselves, with the advice and consent of their families and doctors what they can and can’t do about their own health. They are becoming as mean-spirited and despicable as Rush Limbaugh. They are now to be counted among Rush’s Ditto Heads! It is wrong what they are doing to the women of this nation and they should not be allowed to get away with it!

When they refuse to stand up to the despicable and vile invective of someone as heinous as Rush Limbaugh and call him out when he attacks the integrity of an American citizen exercising her right as an American citizen they have lost their integrity as a party and as an institution. They should be turned out of office en mass!” —– Bob Bearden


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