Rush Limbaugh Finally Issued Something

By Bob Bearden

Rush Limbaugh finally issued an apology or did he? Apologies are sincere and the apologizer sincerely regrets their remarks, admitting they were wrong. Rush’s apology is none of the above. He blames not himself but those on the left for putting him up to it. It’s their fault the left-wing, that he is a despicable jackanapes. He fell back on the same type of excuse that millions of school kids have tried for years, ‘The dog ate my homework’! Yeah Right! To paraphrase Will Rogers, “It ain’t my fault, it’s the fault of that fella behind that tree!” Yeah Right!

Suppose you are Rush Limbaugh and suppose you are an idiot. But, as Mark Twain said, “I repeat myself!” Rush in his own words has branded himself an idiot, but that’s not excusing Mitt or Rick or John ‘Tan and Tone’ Boehner for their asinine defense of the Rush-in-ator!

They are worse than Rush because, first of all they didn’t even address the issue for 3 days, until reporters started asking them and then rather than stand up on their hind legs and act like the upright citizens they claim to be they simply deflected the issue. Mitt’s statement just fed into Rush’s remarks by saying, that wasn’t the language he would have used to describe Ms. Fluke. Implying that his language would have said the same thing only with less offensive words, further implying that he agreed with Rush and his remarks.

Rick Santorum claimed Rush had been suddenly transformed from a political pundit into an entertainer. Rick allowed while Rush’s remarks were absurd it was okay because he was simply entertaining his audience. Oh really? Rick likes that type of vile invective and sees it as entertaining? Get real. What do you suppose he would have said if a pundit on the left had made similar remarks about one of his daughters?

This whole issue points up what’s wrong with the candidates and the republican party in general. They have no sense of integrity nor decorum. George Will a well-respected right-wing columnist called it right when he questioned Rush’s apology and Rush’s remarks that he had used in appropriate words to describe Ms. Fluke, in saying “In appropriate? No that is wrong. In appropriate is when you use a salad fork for the main course rather than for the salad!”

Had anyone on the left said anything that even came close to the comments that Rush Limbaugh made about Ms. Fluke concerning one of theirs they would have opened a congressional investigation immediately. But almost to a man and all a bunch of old white guys again, they were mute as if their tongues had been removed by Socrates the Cat, to be returned to them when the furor died down and the man they most fear in America was safe and back doing his vile anti-gay, anti-black, anti-worker, anti-poor, anti-woman screeds on his daily talk show.

They are not men who should be elected to the highest office in the nation or to any office at any level. They have no compassion, no integrity, no sense of justice nor the will to do the right thing. That they stood by and allowed a citizen of this nation to be vilified, lied about and demeaned in the manner that she was is totally wrong on any level of common discourse! The leaders of the republican party have lost their right to govern and it is time the American public stand up with the women of our nation and say NO!” —– Bob Bearden


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