‎45 Advertisers Have Left Rush Limbaugh

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎45 advertisers have left Rush Limbaugh‘s program since his unprovoked and dastardly attack upon the young woman from Georgetown University (to steal a line from that great liberal Franklin Roosevelt) and still he soldiers on. He is still a self-possessed ego driven megalomaniac and proud of it, as his attack on the lady who wrote the book on food recently found out.

Of course we have always known exactly what Rush was, is and always will be. He is the foremost purveyor of hate and smut in the United States and millions of his ‘ditto heads’ (whom he demeans at will and they lap it up) love him for it. He hates Unions and workers in general. He hates liberals of every stripe and democrats in general. He hates minorities and gays and lesbians. But, his vilest invective is reserved for women. He hates them more than anything in the world and he has four ex-wives to prove it. Why any woman would bring herself down to his level and agree to even sleep with him is beyond my comprehension. My mother would have been able to give you a good educated guess, but her comment would be unprintable.

But, what is even worse about Rush Limbaugh is the abject fear he puts into the hearts and minds of those would be presidential candidates of the neo-con republican party. They are so sore of afraid of Rush and the power he has over them that they would probably step in a pile of manure up to their chins rather than even entertain the possibility of incurring his wrath. They all step deeper to the right every time he opens his mouth in their direction.

It is a sad state of affairs that we in this country have finally reached the level envisioned by Newton Minnow lo those long years ago at the dawn of the age of television when he intoned the reality of what television a relatively new medium at the time would one day become – “A vast wasteland“! It has reached that and has gone beyond anything Newton Minnow could have ever dreamed of.

We are inundated with reality shows about people who as someone else once said, “Lead lives of quiet desperation” and do it with a live audience and tons of people sitting in their easy chairs at home with nothing better to do with their (what must be) mundane lives than to sit glued to their plasma flat screens tuning in on the lives of people who perhaps should be pitied and some even stashed away in padded cells to protect not only themselves but the rest of society in general.

Rush and the hate mongers on radio and those on that vast wasteland that is modern television are the cause and effect of what Newton Minnow so long ago envisioned television and the talk media would become. To paraphrase Patrick Henry speaking on an entirely different subject (or was he?), “is life so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?”, for our addiction to the hate mongers and the same sickness that brought down the empire of Rome, feeding people to the lions via reality TV we are paying heavily with attacks on women and candidates who feed into the mentality brought on by the Rush Limbaugh’s of this world.

The worst thing one can say about the current crop of neo-con republican candidates is they have bought into Rush Limbaugh and his vile invective to the point that whatever he says about women, gays, lesbians, minorities and workers they agree with. They do not want to incur his wrath.

The question then comes do we want to elect someone of that nature and mind-set to the highest office in our land? My answer would be no! I say no to Rush! No to Mitt! No to Ron Paul! And a resounding no to Rick Santorum! They are bigots, racists of the worst kind because they remain mute and silent when they should be speaking out!” —– Bob Bearden



One thought on “‎45 Advertisers Have Left Rush Limbaugh

  1. Would you be so kind as to give me the list of the 45 advertisers who left, so I might support them by using their products?

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