From the Neo-con Republicans

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎We hear from the right, from the neo-con republicans running to unseat Barack Obama, pronouncements. Their energy policy is derived from Sarah Palin, Drill Baby Drill. They would I suppose make her the Secretary of Energy. Wow! What a choice! Head of the EPA under one these clowns? Why that’s an easy pick – James Inhofe the nut from Oklahoma that got loose when Frank Keating closed down all of the mental institutions in the state. He of course, Inhofe, would direct the EPA to send copies of his book The Great Hoax to Greenpeace and the Sierra Club so they could know the truth about the hoax that is Global Warming.

Our president Barack Obama wants congress to pass a bill to repair our infrastructure and by doing so it would put a lot of people back to work almost immediately. While these wouldn’t be long-term jobs they would provide an immediate boost to the economy, ala Franklin Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corp and the WPA programs. A boost that is sorely needed. But Rick Santorum ‘Vagina Probe King’ that he is, isn’t interested in putting people back to work. Well, he does want to hire a bunch of ‘Bedroom Police’ to bust down people’s doors in the middle of the night to see what it is they are doing to themselves and each other in their bedrooms.

President Obama talks jobs and education and Mitt talks giving the uber-rich even more tax cuts while raising the already stifling tax burden for the poor and disadvantaged and low-income workers. When Rick Santorum hears the president speak about education he sees red and yells that the president is a snob for wanting to make sure every child has an opportunity to be all they can be. The president wants to improve our education system and Santorum wants to tell kids they are snobs for wanting to better themselves by going to college. What a dunce!

Newty, well Newty the neo-cons answer to family planning wants not only to be able to have an open marriage but he also wants to Drill Baby Drill and that is his plan for giving us $2.50 a gallon gas. But, wait doesn’t he know that we are already drilling 350 times more now under president Obama than we were under that ‘Compassionate Conservative’ Bush the Lessor? Perhaps Newty is spending so much time in bedrooms he is getting completely out of touch.

But, they are all out of touch with reality. They want to take women back to the good ole days when they were chattels and had babies and stayed home and cooked meals. They want to be able to tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies. They want to do away with the Voting Rights Act. They don’t want students to be able to vote, because colleges are hot beds for crazed liberal thinkers and they are polluting the minds of our youth with ideas of compassion and caring and giving and helping others. You know the type of philosophy taught by that Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth.

We can’t have that! Heaven forbid we teach our kids to be more like Mohandas Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jesus Christ! What would this world come to if we raised a generation of peace-loving do gooders?” —— Bob Bearden

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