Neo-con President Candidates

by Bob Murl Bearden

The neo-con republican candidates for president are all pushing as far to the right as they can possibly go. They have slid to the right of even Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, two benchmark conservatives that the right has held up as icons of the right political conservatism.

Barry and Ronald Reagan too, seem almost liberal when you put them up against the ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’, Mitt, Newt, Ron and Rick. They are even scaring members in the core center of the Republican Party with their weird pronouncements and their continued drift into the deep waters that make up the right-wing Christian ideologues of today. They embrace a philosophy that would have made Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt cringe. Teddy of course bolted the Republican Party over some of the same type of issues that are scaring sane and sober members of today’s Republican Party.

The pundits keep saying they are catering to the base of the party, but the base of the party seems to have fallen off the edge of the flat planet that most of the right-wing crazies think we are living on these days.

Rick Santorum wants to take us back to the 11th Century or at least to a time when women had no say in the world on any subject much less have inalienable rights guaranteed by the constitution and the 14th and 20th Amendment thereto. He wants to create a Gestapo like police force to enter our citizens’ bedrooms and tell them what they can and cannot do to themselves and whatever partner in life they have chosen.

He wants to gut education and thinks that anyone who believes that every child in this nation should have an opportunity to get the type of education they want are snobs. He hates gays and lesbians and would force them to either repent the sins he thinks they have committed or suffer the consequences! He has no compassion in his soul for those less fortunate than himself or for those who think differently or have a different lifestyle. For Rick there is only one lifestyle that matters, his.

Newt Gingrich would negate the child labor laws that has prevented companies and corporations from exploiting the poor and disadvantaged and their children by forcing them into sweatshops, mines and other venues at 9 or 10 years of age without the benefit or protection provided by the federal government against their exploitation. He would have kids who live in the ghetto and are poor and need a boost in getting a sound education work for their supper or breakfast and force them to clean the very school houses they should be attending and receiving the necessary skills to make their way in life. He is also for open marriages. What a ‘family man’!

Mitt Romney is a piece of work in and of himself. He flounders along without a script bragging about how he loves to fire people. About how the poor and disadvantaged are not relevant in today’s world. About how trees in Michigan are somehow just the right height as compared to trees everywhere else. He rambles on about grits and Davy Crockett. He would have refused to bail out the auto industry and still thinks it’s a bad idea, even though it worked and the auto industry, because of the bail out, is now doing better than ever. He was for contraception, now he’s agin it (using his southern red-neck Davy Crockett vernacular). He passed and signed the first ever universal health care bill when he was governor of Massachusetts now he’s agin that too, often dissing the very bill he helped craft. What an doofus!

Ron Paul, has libertarian leanings and he is still the darling of some of those far-out folks, despite the fact that for years he published and wrote pieces for a right-wing-racist newsletter that he now says he didn’t ever look at or read, despite the fact that he published it for years under his name. He loves having his picture taken with ‘skin heads’ and members of the Aryan Brotherhood and the KKK, but disavows all knowledge of the same. He too thinks women should have their rights restricted. Yeah, and his campaign is self-destructing (maybe not in 5 seconds, but soon and hopefully for the rest of his life) as we speak.

These are a gigantic collection of buffoons, racists, bigots and woman haters. Why would any member of any minority group or student association or any woman vote for these people? They want to restrict the rights of everyone except the Uber-Rich and the mega-giant corporations. It boggles the mind to think that anyone can find even a minute scrap of tangible evidence that these ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ have one shred of decency left in their bodies. They are the most negative campaigners in the history of our nation.”

They would tear up our constitution and its amendments leaving only the ones that they believe in. They would destroy the buffer of Social Security and Medicare for our seniors. Destroy Affirmative Action for minorities and women; and force women to become pawns to their spouses and whatever right the state or federal government wants to deny them. They are fascists of the first order more akin to the teachings of Mussolini than that Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth! It is time we tell them to get lost and slide back under whatever rock they crawled out from under! They do not have the best interests or our Democratic Republic in mind or do they care a ‘hell of beans’ about its citizens!” —– Bob Bearden


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