Americans More Than the Sum of Prejudices

 by Bob Murl Bearden

‎There is a war going on in America. It is a war that is cultural in nature and it is being waged by a political party. They call themselves the Party of Lincoln, but Abraham Lincoln would not be associated with such a vile collection of miscreants as now inhabits this party.

But, make no mistake about it, we are in a war. It is a war being waged on the American public the like of which we have never seen in this country. And it is a race war. A war against the fact that somehow the American public saw fit to elect an articulate, intelligent, compassionate man to the office of President of the United States, this despite the fact that he was half African-American and half Irish.

They are waging this war using the subterfuge of religion and ministers and priests and bishops and cardinals are helping. It is a war against women, minorities and their rights. It is a war against the poor and disadvantaged. A war against workers and their families. It is a homophobic war against gays and lesbians. The purpose of this war is to take away all of the gains made by the common folk of our nation.

Civil rights for minorities. Social Security and Medicare for seniors. Voting rights for minorities and students and those on the fringes of our society. They seek to destroy all the gains made over the past 90 years and take us back in time, when only those of substance who had money and therefore power ruled. Back to a time when only rich white men made the laws and controlled the banks and the railroads and kept a large portion of our citizenry in virtual bondage.

The real purpose of this war is to defeat Barack Obama. He is the symbol of all of what they want to take away from us. He is the ultimate realization of the true American Dream. They can’t stand that and for them the melting pot of ideologies and the mixing of ethnicities and races and cultures and classes must stop, because it is ruining their ideal of a superior race that is white Anglo-Saxon protestant. And they can’t stomach that.

To accomplish their aims they are feeding into the fears and prejudices of the very people who should be arrayed against them. They pander to the basest of the base. They legitimize those who believe our president is not a real American by not telling the truth. And they know the truth. They pander to those who still cling to the myth that Barack Obama is a Muslim (and what if he was? so what?).

They will use any tactic, because their goal is not to protect this nation and its citizens, but defeat Barack Obama. If it means bringing more pain and suffering to our nation and its people, that’s okay as long as it accomplishes their goal! If we the people, the 99 percent stand idly by and let them we are doing a disservice to ourselves, our loved ones and to our posterity.

Americans and this nation should be more than the sum of prejudices, hatred and greed. Our constitution and the preamble thereto tells us who we are and what we should strive for as a nation and as Americans. It tells us that we are a nation of laws. A nation of rights. A nation that cares about and honors every single member of our society regardless of our race, color, greed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability. religion or economic status. It tells us who we are, what we are and what we need to do to be all that we can be.

These people are seeking to tear up that sacred document and turn us over to the forces of darkness who will then tell us where we can worship, whom we can marry and where we will be on the economic scale of life. We as Americans must not let that happen. It is time we got out from in front of our TV’s and took our noses out of our blackberries and iphones and began to take are country back.

We owe it to those who came before us – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Lyndon Baines Johnson, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Dwight David Eisenhower, Harry S. Truman, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, Mother Mary Harris Jones, A. Phillip Randolph, Susan B. Anthony, Thomas Jefferson, Crispus Attucks and George Washington for them and what they have given to us we can do no less!” —– Bob Bearden


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