Once the Long Republican Primary Season Ends

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎It is becoming clear that in the republican primary negativism works. And negativism is running rampant with all three campaigns – Newt, Rick and Mitt. They are spewing it forth onto each other and onto Barack Obama. The polls show that same negativism is drawing out white evangelicals in a higher percentage than 4 years ago. Why is that? Because they hate the fact that we have a African-American as our president.

Once the long republican primary season ends and we find ourselves with a nominee from that party the gloves will be off. Mitt Romney has become very accomplished at slinging mud and if he is the eventual nominee he will sling mud, because he will likely be starting from a behind position. If either one Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney win the nomination it is likely to be the most hate filled campaign ever waged.

Rick Santorum throws out hate and bigotry with a precision not seen ever in national politics. Mitt Romney in an effort to secure the nomination for himself has become a mud slinger of the first order. He has already shown he will do or say almost anything to win and that is likely to get worse if and when he becomes the nominee. And there are a lot of Deep Pocket Citizens United sharks out there ready to attack as soon as they smell blood in the water.

It is a national shame that Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich and even Mitt Romney has used the race card in this election already. They claim no bias nor prejudice but they have openly encouraged their supporters and their super-pacs to go negative and the reason is they know with the white evangelicals hate, racism and bigotry sells and translates into votes at the ballot box.

And if they can get enough Voter ID Laws passed they will be able to suppress the vote among the democratic base which is African-Americans, Students and minorities. So far that hasn’t worked too well for them as the Justice Department has challenged Voter ID Laws in three states and will likely challenge them in other states that pass them.

But, the message from the right and from the neo-con republicans running for president is we are bigots and racists. I know they say otherwise but call it what they will the campaigns they are running are rife with below the surface racism and bigotry. It’s an ideological race. A race pitting the first African-American elected to the presidency against 4 old white guys who hate the fact that he somehow out foxed them and got himself elected to the highest office in the land. They want him out and they are willing to do pretty much anything to get him out of the Oval Office.

They hate everything he stands for. They hate women. They hate Unions. They hate the poor. They hate disadvantaged. They hate Muslims. They hate Affirmative Action. They hate gays and lesbians. They hate our seniors. They hate Social Security. They hate Medicare. They want to dismantle government and turn it over to a bunch of Uber-Rich old white guys. In short they want to take us back to a time when racism, bigotry and hate ruled the day. To a time when women had no voice. When if you were black-skinned or dark-skinned you were presupposed to be a lessor person.

What is wrong with our nation? Why are we willing to sell our birthright to a bunch of old cranky white guys who only want to control everything we do and say? What happened to believing in compassion and the teachings of that Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth? Why is war so longed for when it kills generation after generation of our youth? What is it in their psyches that makes them hate, instead of love? Does anyone in the evangelical community ever read the Bible they so love to quote. Remember the line about ‘Love thy neighbor’? What happened to that line did it get left out of the evangelical Bible? Apparently so!

Do you think the ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse would sell themselves to the devil just to defeat Barack Obama? I think they already have. And Daniel Webster ain’t around to save their sorry butts.”—– Bob Bearden


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