All Those Rich A’holes Can Stand on a Pile of Hay and Say to Their “Base”

by Teri McGrath

I think now that Mitt has Jeff Foxworthy, Santorum can get a hold of the Cable Guy, and maybe Newt can dig up Gomer Pile, and then all of those rich assholes can stand on a pile of hay or something and say to their “base”: “Look how totally cool we are with stupid dirty poor people like you! You dumbasses!” And then Ted Nugent can come out on stage with his old disgusting idiocy and play his guitar and shoot his gun. Yay, Republicans. You are winning, in all the ways right now.

  • Teri McGrath You might be a redneck if you die from an infected tooth because you totally can’t afford health care LOL

  • Teri McGrath You might be a redneck if you get laid off from your factory job when it’s shipped overseas so you need to get unemployment and before you do you need to piss in a cup you dirty redneck.

  • Teri McGrath You might be a redneck if your son and daughter, your self and your father ALL FOUGHT IN WARS THAT WERE BULLSHIT.

  • R. DT You totally need to take this act on the road.

  • Teri McGrath You might be a redneck if your “snobby” “slutty” daughter got some college and now has trouble relating to you and your family and your church, and it’s kind of sad, but you love her even if she is a lesbian, so you just try to not talk about politics when you’re around her, and you call Jessica “Jessy” because she doesn’t seem to mind and it makes you feel better.

  • WR If you are dependent upon medication, cannot get around easily because of old surgery, and think you are a self-sufficient Marine sniper because you own a black rifle (as seen on TV) you just might be a redneck.

  • JC Rick Perry just called and said that Gallagher should endorse Herman Cain… wait for it, wait for it…

  • Teri McGrath Yakov Smirnov?


  • SM Watch what you say about us poor, dirty, stupid people standing on a pile of hay. We have feelings too.

  • WR I support Barack Obama so I guess I’m not a redneck anymore (sniff).

  • Teri McGrath This post is about how much I think Mitt Romney is a douche. I know and love rednecks, and I think I probably basically am one if what we mean by redneck is “working class southern white person” as in the people who Jeff Foxworthy is meant to represent–and the Cable Guy and a million other stereotypes who get famous and make money by basically make fun of poverty and poor people.I do not think “rednecks” are stupid. I don’t even think rednecks are rednecks.

  • Teri McGrath And I’m sorry about what I said about Ted Nugent. I know some people like him. But I once saw him shouting about how he would like to shoot Obama and probably do something rapey with his gun and Hillary Clinton. And that upset me. It upsets me that he gets to rock out with Mike Huckaby, and Obama gets outted as a terrorist because he hangs out with the first black tenured professor at Harvard University.

  • Teri McGrath <>

    Jeff Foxworthy’s You Might Be A Redneck. From the album “Games Rednecks Play” Credit to Jeff Foxworthy & Warner Brothers Records.
  • Robert Duncan <>

    Tema de Goldfinger sobre un gran guitarrista, pero lo grande que tiene de musico…See More

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