Election Year Discourse Focus on Job Creation

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎This being an election year one would think that the political discourse would focus on job creation, making an effort to if not end poverty attack the causes of it with more vigor. You would predispose that discussion would take place about rebuilding our nation’s crumbling roads and bridges. But, you would be wrong.

In the campaign to unseat the president the discussion is focused on contraception. Something that was supposed to be settled a long time ago. It is focused on the myth of the ‘Birther’. It is focused on the myth of our President palling around with ‘radical terrorists’. It is focused on the price of gasoline. Something that the president of the United States supposedly had no control over when his name was George W. Bush (even though he was an oiler himself).

Now all of a sudden it’s the president’s fault that the price at the pump has risen almost a dollar a gallon in the past few months. One candidate says he will bring the price down to $2.50 a gallon the same day he is sworn in (presuming he even gets the nomination from his party). How he will be able to accomplish this outrageous claim is another question not answered.

Whatever happened to compassionate conservatism? That was a Trojan Horse used by G. W. Bush the lessor to get elected president. He wasn’t of course and he never actually tried to practice it or push it after he illegally snatched the election from the grasp of Al Gore. But, compared to the crop that is running to unseat President Obama, he fairly oozes compassion from every pore.

This nation was taken to the brink by that group Will Rogers called ‘Wall Streeters’. Their greed and avarice not only nearly brought down this nation, but very nearly destroyed the economic well-being of the entire world in the process. They now are back doing a lot of the things they were engaged in before the crash and the only person standing in their way is our current President Barack Obama. He hasn’t been totally successful in restraining the greedy grasp of the current crop of ‘Wall Streeters’ but he has at least made an effort.

Those arrayed against him would turn the dogs of greed and avarice loose on Wall Street and let them go back to their errant ways of wanton destruction and greedy gain.

Where is the compassion and caring and fervor of those on the right? They all profess to be Christians and followers of Christ, but when did Christ become pro-rich, pro-war and only pro-American? Where is it in the teachings of Jesus that they find the right to deny a woman to decide for herself what she can and can’t do with her body?

I have read the Bible and the New Testament, both the King James Version and a couple of other versions and I find what Jesus said and taught to be at total odds with Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

They condemn our President as not be Christian. Or they claim he practices a phony theology. I find that both of those pronouncements not to be true. He is much more in tune with the teachings of Jesus than anyone on the right who profess to follow Christ’s teachings.

Mohandas Gandhi once said, “I love your Messiah (Jesus Christ) but not your Christianity!” I agree. Gandhi and Dr. King understood where Jesus Christ was coming from and they followed his philosophy and teachings closely. Something that Rick, Mitt, Newt and Ron Paul have failed miserably at.

Jesus taught the world lessons in hope, peace, love and compassion. He taught the world that without compassion and love the world does not work properly. So who among the presidential candidates follows more closely what Jesus taught?

It’s pretty clear and easy to discern that it’s not Mitt Romney, he thinks the poor are irrelevant in today’s world. Newt Gingrich would force children back into sweatshops and Rick Santorum and Ron Paul would restrict the rights of women, gays and lesbians. Rick would invade the privacy of everyone’s home.

To fetter out their sins in the eyes of the Lord? No just in the eyes of Rick Santorum. They would all restrict the rights of minorities and students to vote. They all agree with Rush Limbaugh on the subject of women, the poor, workers and compassion.

Christianity? I’m not sure that I would want to practice the type of Christianity they claim to follow. It’s not anywhere I can find in the teachings of Jesus. He taught, compassion and caring for those who were less fortunate. He taught love not hate. He taught peace not war.

It is my belief if he were to come back today he would be appalled at what has happened to Christianity and would be in complete agreement with Gandhi on the subject of Christianity. After all he never considered himself to be anything more than a Jewish Rabbi.

We have a clear choice today between an intelligent, compassionate, peace-loving president and a gaggle of ranting to the right Johnny Come-Lately’s who know the price of everything and the cost of nothing. They would dismantle the constitution; increase the poverty rolls and deny rights to huge segments of our society. They stand for one thing – the rights of Corporations and the Uber-Rich. In the world they envision for our nation and its citizens no one else deserves any rights.” —– Bob Bearden


One thought on “Election Year Discourse Focus on Job Creation

  1. On gas prices, I heard an interesting thing the other day from, I think maybe George Clooney, but anyway the person pointed out that because of the problems between Sudan and South Sudan, oil shipments to China had stopped and the Chinese were out there in the market. Do you think maybe that has something to do with the price of oil? And shouldn’t the Republicans like this as it is a free market economy?

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