End of the Tunnel in Sight

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎At last the end of the tunnel is in sight. Newt Gingrich is finally beginning to come back to the real world and acknowledge that his chance of ever being president is slim and none. Rick Santorum seems to be slowly heading down that path as well albeit not straight out, but he did say he (at least in a roundabout way) he might consider accepting the nomination for Vice-President on a ticket with Romney who at last appears to be heading to Tampa in August with the nomination sewed up in his back pocket.

It has been the most fear wrought, fear infested campaign in my memory. Each candidate running to replace Barack Obama has dealt in the politics of fear. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have openly purveyed hate as a method to gain votes. Fortunately, for the most part the hate angle has not worked well for either candidate, except to point out that there are a lot of crazies out there whose knowledge of history and grasp of reality are suspect.

I run into them almost every day on my Facebook page. They hate Barack Obama and everything he stands for, but their deep-seated hatred is rooted almost always in the fact that he is half African-American and they are so deeply scarred by the fact that millions of Americans went to the polls and elected a Black man president of our nation that they will twist every fact, historical truth to fit the scenario by which they can explain their hatred of him without having to acknowledge it stems directly from the fact that he is black.

Okay, I can’t in actual fact say they are bigoted or racist in nature, because I don’t have enough knowledge of who they are to say with complete certainty that they are, but their screeds and the code words they use would point one to lean in that direction. They refuse to acknowledge that Barack Obama is a kind, compassionate caring individual. They pass always on the fact that he is a loving husband and a loving caring involved father. They never say anything about the fact that he is also half Irish American.

Why? It is my belief that if they have to actually acknowledge his humanity and the fact that they too have mixed heritage then they won’t be able to continue to hate him. We all are part something. Hispanics almost all have Indian ancestors lurking about in their past. Blacks aren’t the only ones in this nation who can often trace their bloodlines to other types of nationalities. I am proud to consider myself Native American, but I also have Irish blood, Scotch blood, Dutch and even a tad of French coursing through my veins. They all define in some way who I am.

Barack Obama is only different it for two reasons. Part of his ancestry is from Africa and therefore because to the old prejudices that still exist it makes him black. He is that proudly so, but he is also of Irish decent and he is also proud of that. We should be celebrating the fact that we have finally began to live up to our creed of being the melting pot of the world. We have long claimed that title but still have people who try to push white Anglo-Saxon protestant as our race. It isn’t and it has never been, because first of all it isn’t a race or even a real ethnicity. It too is a mix of cultures and nationalities.

Why do we always have to find a way to divide people along lines of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, economic status and even sexual orientation? It makes no sense when you really look at it, except as a way to divide and conquer and control. Jesus Christ the one person whom all of our candidates profess allegiance to in His teachings preached loving one another and diversity in all things. How did we lose that as a people and if we are truly a Christian nation as a lot of the people on the right say we are, then why aren’t we following His examples instead of following examples set by Mussolini and Hitler?

Their example being to spread fear and hate so that they could divide and conquer–Jesus Christ the figurative 800 lb Christian in the room went about spreading hope, compassion, peace and love. What’s wrong with that? —– Bob Bearden


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