Affordable Health Care Act

 by Bob Murl Bearden

‎The Supreme Court has heard arguments for and against the Affordable Health Care Act, now they will make their decision. The question comes as to whether or not it will be a 5-4 decision drawn strictly along political lines or will it be a 6-3 or even a 7-2 decision as some have said it might be. Also will they throw out the water with the baby and leave nothing or will they leave some of it intact?

All questions that pundits across the spectrum are mulling over, the Affordable Health Care Act though not perfect goes a long way towards giving health care coverage to 50 million Americans who previously had little or none at all. You might conclude that it would be cold for the justices to strike down the law in its entirety, but they haven’t yet shown a propensity to worry about hurting millions of their fellow citizens.

We have today the most political group of justices in the history of the court. They are defined strictly along ideological lines like no court before them. The litmus test for conservatives to be placed on the court is so strict and binding that it is difficult for a president like Obama to place a progressive on the court let alone nominate one.

This decision will be a defining moment in our nation’s history. Whether or not that will weigh heavily upon the minds and consciences of the court is anyone’s guess. Legal experts are all over the map on what they think will happen. Most seem to believe that the court will not throw out the entire act, but striking down the individual mandate will probably cripple the law.

Most of those commenting on the possible outcomes are basing their feelings on what took place in the 3 days of hearings. The justices grilled the Solicitor General and the Assistant Solicitor General very hard and most experts say that may not portend well for the Affordable Health Care Act, but that isn’t always the case.  Wild and rampant speculating on what the outcome will be will probably be the subject of discussion from now until the decision comes down sometime in June of many of the 24-7 news programs proliferating the airwaves.

What the political ramifications of the decision will mean is anyone’s guess. If all, a lot or even some of the key provisions are struck down then you can bet that the neo-cons will try to in some way to attach the decision to President Obama and make it a political issue in the presidential campaign. If it remains essentially intact after the decision. the president will be able to use it for his campaign.

The thing no one seems to be focusing on is how the decision will affect 50 million people whose lives will be drastically affected by the outcome of the final decision. If the act goes down then health care in this nation will be back into the dark ages and the large drug companies will have won another victory in their efforts to make health care available to only those who can afford it.

We hear continuously about what the drug cartels in Columbia, Mexico and other countries do to our people and our economy, but what about the drug cartels that are operating legally across the nation? Those cartels are making a mockery of health care in this nation and affecting the lives of many more millions of our citizens than any of the drug cartels operating outside the law.

President Obama has tried to do something about the illegal cartels and his Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care if you will) was aimed at bringing some measure of control of this nation’s legal drug cartels. Will the Supreme’s have any consideration for what effect their decision will have on the legal drug cartels operating unchecked in this nation?

Don’t hold your breath hoping that they will have any consideration for the best interests of this nation’s millions who have little or no health insurance. Neo-cons say that health care should only be for those who can afford it, this of course flies in the face of what our constitution says about the rights of its citizens. But, most of the neo-cons apparently flunked Civics 101, if they even ever a course in Civics or Government in the first place.

Affordable health care is something the rest of the so-called civilized world has fixed and understood for many years. America is supposed to be the most civilized nation on earth, but for some reason we grow politicians who missed out on what being civilized means. For some reason we as a nation seem to not trust presidents who have compassionate and caring natures. Is that a very civilized attitude? I think not!” —– Bob Bearden

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One thought on “Affordable Health Care Act

  1. I’m probably in the minority among progressives, but I think it will be 7 to 2 because Roberts need to show that his court is not just partisan. Call me optimistic, I guess.

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