War on Women: control and preventing segments of our society from exercising their rights

by Bob Murl Bearden

The war on women continues unabated. It is being waged for the most part by members of one political party, under the guise the protection of religious freedoms. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There is also a war being waged against workers and their families. This one too is being spearheaded by elements within one particular party and it is often disguised as balancing the budget or saving money. Don’t you believe it, it about taking away the rights of workers to organize and collectively bargain together. There is a somewhat more subtle war being waged against the poor and disadvantaged. It too is directed by elements within a particular political party. The mostly old white men who are bankrolling these wars have been emboldened by the success of the Tea Party in the 2010 elections and by the 5 Supreme’s onerous decision in Citizens United.

They are determined to take this nation and its citizens back into what they like to term as the ‘good old days’ and strike down every progressive law that has been enacted in this country over the past century. They are anti-social to a fault and are fueling with their millions a group of ‘know nothings’ the like of which this country hasn’t seen since before the Civil War. They are bigoted and racist in nature. Their philosophy of life, truth and government is straight from the pages of fascism.

We are seeing unprecedented attacks on the rights of women, workers, students and minorities. The 5 Supreme’s are part and parcel to what attacks. They plan to strike down the Social Security Act, Medicare, Medicaid, Civil Rights Laws, as well as Affirmative Action. And they are attempting to destroy the voting rights of minorities and students, along with every social reform that has been enacted since the vote was given to women in 1920.

In Michigan the governor with a compliant state legislature has effectively destroyed democracy at the lowest level by passing a law that allows the state to step in and fire all duly elected city or county officials and take over a township, city or county without recourse as to what the people of that city, town or county have decided through the ballot box. This smacks of Germany in the 30’s, fascism at its most heinous.

We are seeing state legislature after state legislature enact laws that prevent women for having control of their own health issues. We are seeing attacks upon the rights of gays and lesbians. They are being vilified and marginalized. We are witnessing the attempted defunding of such venerated institutions as Planned Parenthood and other social buffers designed to come to the aid of those at the lower end of the economic scale to prevent or at least cushion the effect of those dropping into poverty or those already mired in the throes of poverty.

It is a coordinated attack that means to set this nation and its citizens back 100 years and create a near fascist state where only those who have will get and all others need not apply. The 5 Supreme’s are poised to strike down the Affordable Health Care Act that would allow millions of our citizens access to affordable health care that has not been available to them previously.

This is all being done in the name of and often with the willing backing of religion and religious leaders; leaders who profess allegiance to the teachings of that Jewish Rabbi from Nazareth, who taught compassion, hope, peace and love. Who believed and practiced helping those less fortunate. He who believed that all should have a place at the table, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or economic status.

These unprecedented attacks upon the rights of groups and individuals are often being done in the name of that Galilean Sage who would be appalled at what is being perpetrated in his name. He was about love not hate. He preached inclusiveness not the spread of fear and avarice. And yet today many purveyors of his teachings are preaching a religion of fear and hate that He would find foreign to His own beliefs.

It is not about religion and it never was. The attacks on the rights of our citizens are about maintaining control and preventing segments of our society from exercising their rights as citizens and it is wrong on so many levels. And if all of the polls are to be believed it is a war they are losing so why do they continue to shoot themselves in the foot? It makes absolutely no sense at all!” —– Bob Bearden


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  1. “And if all of the polls are to be believed it is a war they are losing so why do they continue to shoot themselves in the foot? It makes absolutely no sense at all!”

    You’re right, it makes no sense. I think they still do it because, other than this, they got nothing. They are bullies, and bullies only know how to get through life by trying to impose their will on everyone around them. They have no other strategy – no plan for fiscal recovery, no plan for effectively handling conflicts around the globe, no plan for bettering our educational system, no plan to reduce our dependence on oil, no plan to unite the country in a common sense of purpose – no plan whatsofrickingever. They can read the polls as well as you and I, but they are helpless to do anything about it. They’re like deer in the headlights, and they are about to get run over.

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