ANYTHING!!!! However Absurd

by Marian Lynne Kirchner-Pooran

I really believe that the Republicans are using ANYTHING!!!!  however absurd, to reroute all of the Money$$$$ and power to their own pockets. If they keep us poor and pregnant we will become a handy workforce that will work for next to nothing, fight their Oil-related wars without question. We will be much like Mexico.

They do not care about us having Health Care, because there will be poor babies born everyday to replace us (because we will be nothing more than a commodity) that they can extort.

 It is just that simple, and as clear as the nose’s on our faces what they want to do with us and this country!!!!…..And they seem to be doing it, because some of the poorest, most uneducated people are voting for these clowns in droves. They know that some of this silly Legislation is perfectly ridiculous and do not even believe this stuff themselves.

 They are laughing their ass’s off in boardrooms at how stupid the American people are, and are SIMPLY taking advantage of such ignorance (it is ripe for the picking) and they are having a field day.

There are companies (consulting-firms), that teach these clowns how to “Tug at simple people’s hearts and emotions”, much like Hallmark Cards,Or movie-making…..It is just that simple!!!!


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