The Legacy of Dr. King

The Legacy of Dr. King

by Bob Bearden
He taught us how to love our neighbor,
And that peace was preferable to war,
He marched across our consciousness,
With faith and conviction and more.

Whatever dirty thing that came his way,
He never backed down but gave his all,
And never wavered from the path of right,
Head unbowed he stood there straight and tall.He dreamt of freedom for everyone,
When we would each have equal right,
His sword though was not of metal made,
The Holy Bible is what gave him his might.

He dreamt of a day the color of our skin,
Would have no meaning for us at all,
And every man woman and child could be,
Who they were within the rule of the law..

We must carry on with his legacy,
It is up to us now that he is gone,
To do whatever is within our power,
To uphold the righteousness of his song.


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