Primary Season Winds Down

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎As the primary season winds down, it appears that at long last we have not love, as in the song but we have only two candidates remaining. So let the games begin. It appears that it will be what most people always suspected it would be Romney VS Obama. The contrasts between them are vast. Although a couple of years ago it would not have been, but what a difference not a day makes (which reminds of another song); what a difference four short years make.

Romney has morphed from if not a card carrying liberal, from a moderate with definite liberal leaning tendencies into an etch-a-sketch right-wing conservative who has effectively renounced everything he once stood for to make himself into not a self-made man, but a self-made politician who has literally became ‘the changeling’ of the Republican party. And now he is the leader of the pack so to speak.

And what a pack it is. From rabid dogs and demagogues the like of Scott Walker and Rick Santorum to the wacky Herman Cain, to the gun toting coyote hating governor of Texas, Rick Perry and the even wackier Ron Paul. To the right of Ron Paul and Herman Cain stands Newt Gingrich who has become a caricature of the old Yogi Berra bon mot “It ain’t over Til it’s over! Then it’s over!” But, don’t tell Newt because he still wants to hawk his book and he’s afeared sales would slump lower than they already are if he admits his goose is cooked.

The Grand Old Party of Lincoln has became a haven of right-wing idolaters from Kaisch in Ohio, to Walker in Wisconsin to the erstwhile governor Haley of North Carolina to the outright fascist governor in Michigan and all the republican legislators in Michigan who not only are rabid dogs, but like most dogs they can’t even count. As they have passed onerous law after onerous law without the required 2/3 majority that makes the laws take effect immediately and now they won’t even allow the minority Democrats in the Michigan legislature to vote.

And as the race for the White House heats up this wolf packer Mitt Romney is saying there is no war on women, even though 566 laws banning or curtailing women’s rights have been passed by state legislatures across the nation. Scott Walker in Wisconsin just signed into law a bill that will virtually destroy the right of women and minorities in Wisconsin to receive equal pay.

Mitt Romney has twice said he will end funding of Planned Parenthood if he is elected president. But, there is no ‘War On Women’ by the Republican Party. Of course they aren’t making war on the poor and disadvantaged either despite the fact that the Paul Ryan Budget would essentially de fund Medicare and destroy Social Security, while adding trillions to the federal deficit. There is no War On The Middle Class’ either. Nor are they conducting in the guise of numerous governors and state legislatures a ‘War On Workers’. Well, as Frosty Troy the Editor Emeritus of the Oklahoma Observer is fond of saying, “Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!”

They lie, but it’s really nothing new. They have been constructing a mountain of lies for some time now, since the day Ronald Reagan (who wouldn’t strangely enough be welcome in the Republican Party these days) destroyed the ‘fairness doctrine’ that forced anyone making outrageous statements and out-and-out lies to allow equal time for those who disagreed to respond. Now you can say anything you want on the airwaves and equal time to rebut isn’t required.

Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly say whatever they want with no fear of being challenged for facts. Commentators on the left can do the same, but to their credit they make the effort to fact check what they say. No such luck with right-wing commentators, they purvey the ‘Big Lie’ and in doing so convince millions of gullible ‘ditto heads’ that the facts as purported are in fact not facts.

The really sad and scary thing about those pushing the Republican agenda these days is their tendency to get in bed with and promote bigots, racists and fascists and their agenda. The promoting of hate and fear mongering is rampant within the GOP and awhile the candidates and many of the leaders of the party try to whitewash themselves from the facts of this, they are tarred with the same brush, because they do little or nothing to push back against those who spread fear and hate. In fact, they often use the spread of fear and hate to energize their base and get the crazies in their party to the polls.

What will the final outcome be in this year’s election. A lot is at stake, not the least of which is the heart and soul of our nation and its citizens. It boils down to this – If we go with Mitt Romney we will continue down a path that will eventually lead us to becoming not a Democratic Republic but a nation controlled by the rich and the mega-corporation. That is the vision of the world that Benito Mussolini had in mind when he formed the Fascist Party of Italy.

If we go with Barack Obama, we still won’t have a perfect world nor will we have a perfect president, but what
Churchill once said about democracy fits in this scenario, “Democracy at best is a very bad form of government. But, I ask you never to forget all the others are so much worse!” Not a ringing endorsement of Barack Obama, but what he has accomplished in the 3 plus years he has been in office fighting and pushing back against a sea of Republican intransigence is actually remarkable.

Barack Obama deserves four more years and this country deserves to have a president who at the very least is caring, compassionate and will in the end do the right thing for our nation and its citizens. Barack Hussein Obama is that man!” —– Bob Bearden



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