The Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and the ‘Good Gosh ness’ of Sarah Palin

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎The fuzzy math of enlightenment doth flame brightly for those on the right. They have an answer for everything under the sun and even in the darkness they need no light to guide them in the path of righteousness for verily they will say unto you, sinner repent Obama is at hand and he needs replacing.

Oh verily they repeat their appeal to knowledge and logic that only they can discern clearly. They are rabid in their hyperbole and fraught with fear of what will happen once Obama returns to the White House in 2013. Yes and 2013 obviously a bad year on several levels not the least of which is the number 13. Boy howdy, what a field day these righteous fellows will be able to have with that. Fuzzy math indeed.

When they can’t answer facts presented to them they step outside the bounds of logically fact and enter into a nether world that they have created out the ranting’s of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and the ‘Good Gosh ness’ of Sarah Palin. Facts that if you dare dispute will make you a hater of righteousness of the first rank and spell the end to all things bright and beautiful.

In Obama they see not only an interloper who has no reason to be considered as our president. He, Obama who has stolen the presidency from us and taken us down the road to (here’s where you get to their fuzzy math of choices) either, dire vile socialism, or rampant communism or the vilest of vile – dare I even mouth the word ugh – liberalism.

And they who are righteous to a fault hate Obama, but they are loath to mouth that fact openly so they have a series of code words and phrases to hide the fact that, they hate it that somehow enough Americans lost sight of their righteous ways and went to the polls and – egad – elected an articulate Black Man as their president. It is a world gone mad and those who are of a verily righteous nature must right the wrongs that have been visited upon those whose mission is to bring this nation back to its roots and salvage what little is left of those halcyon days of yesteryear.

You remember those days, don’t you? When George Wallace stood in the door to the entrance of Alabama University and denied the moon was stilton and refused to yield to the forces of darkness that were seeking admission to that pristine white university. Remember them?

You remember when Orvel Fabus refused admission to 9 young Black teens to Little Rock Central High School and had to be persuaded by Dwight David Eisenhower to allow them entrance? Remember them good ole days?

Them good old days when the 5 Supreme’s became the United 9 Supreme’s and stuck it to the righteous among us saying ‘Verily, we say unto you, there is no such thing as ‘separate but equal’! Stand down and yield! The day is now at hand when all of God’s Children will go to school together!” Ugh what a scary day that was! Right? Verily I say oh righteous ones arise! Remember them good ole days before – ‘Brown V Board of Education’?

You remember them days back in the fabulous 50’s when men went to work and women smiled dutifully and handed them their goument lunches as they went out the door in the morning and were still standing dutifully at the door when they came home tired and worn from a tough day in the cruel world, ready to hand them the evening paper their smoking jackets and house slippers? Remember them days?

Well, these fuzzy math fellas they remember them and they stand ready, willing and able along with Mitt Romney and the religious right to steer us all back to those times. Isn’t it exciting to contemplate a righteous return to those ‘thrilling days of yesteryear’? “Hi Ho Silver, Away!” —– Bob Bearden


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