Down to Two Candidates for President

‎Now that we are down to two candidates for president, we have clear-cut choices. Mitt Romney though is an enigma. Still the palatable hate that is so virulent on the right against president Obama makes Romney’s candidacy easier than it would be given the circumstances of a growing and recovering economy. And if it had been George Bush the lessor who had gotten Ben Laden, he would be floating to re-election without a care or fear in the world.

But, we have an African-American as our president and the hate generated just by that fact is scary. Not only scary but often times unreasoning and unreasonable. The guy is also half Irish, but now in this world of hate, fear and avarice we live in he is yet judged by the color of his skin and not the content of his character. Although, most of those who hate him claim they hate what he stands for.

What does he stand for? His presidency has not been defined by his liberal credentials, even though those who hate him on the right would have you believe that it is. He has moved far into the middle since he took office to the point of alienating a number of his rabid supporters on the left. He has done almost nothing to advance the liberal agenda of more gun control, in fact he has signed at least two bills that has decreased gun control.

His defining achievements are attacked by the right and even some from the left. That being the auto industry bail out and the Affordable Health Care Act. On the auto deal those on the right decry that as socialism, even though it worked and even though through that act hundreds of thousands of jobs have come back and the boost to the economy is evident.

The Affordable Health Care Act was a basic remodeling and cobbling together of ideas that originated in the Republican Party, the same party that loves to hate the very bill they thought up. It follows closely the bill crafted by Mitt Romney and the one he signed into law while governor of Massachusetts. But, no it is for those rabid Obama haters Obama Care and they love to hold it up as another example of his drive to make this nation a socialist nation. Well they are mistaken Obama hasn’t drifted this country towards socialism that was done by this nation’s founders 200 plus years ago.

If anything Obama has drifted this nation away from its socialistic past and towards a more Democratic Republic. He too owes a lot to the corporate world and he knows it.

But, to get back to why people who hate Obama are deniers of their own hatred. If George Bush had done any of the things Barack Obama has he would have been fitted for a place on Mount Rushmore and enshrined in the Conservative Hall of Fame.

But, no the fact that Barack Obama is part African-American colors everything that those who hate him think. The first reason to hate is – He is Black! The last reason to hate him – He is Black! They will go to great lengths to disguise their bigotry and racism, but from the beginning to the end their hatred of him stems from the fact that if he were white from the inside out he would be their guy. They can couch it in whatever terms they wish and filter it through a myriad of reasons why not, but it always comes back to the same thing. He is Black!

But wait, he’s not Black, he’s only half Black. Why does the fact of his Blackness define him? He also half-Irish, so why isn’t he defined as an Irish president? It just points up that nearly 50 years after Dr. King spoke the phrase, the color of one’s skin still is more important than the content of one’s character.

Dislike Barack Obama for his policies. Dislike him for what he says, but those who hate him need to search their hearts and souls and realize that he is a good man and he has done as much or more for this nation and its citizens than other presidents who were white.

Take his African-American heritage out of the mix and what is left is his ideas, policies and his compassion. No different from the ideas and policies of any other president, except they weren’t Black! Hate his policies and his ideas if you must, but if you do not examine the racism and bigotry that comes with your hatred then you are doing yourself and your nation a disservice.

If we are ever to get past the color of one’s skin we must confront our hatreds and our fears. We all have a fear of the unknown. We all have a fear of what lies ahead. But, our fear of skin color is unreasonable and insane and we must get past it if we are ever to realize the creed that our founders gave to us. That all are created equal and that the color of one’s skin is simply just a shade and nothing more.

We are the only animals on earth that hate because of color! Why?” —– Bob Bearden


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