Sending a Message: Personhood Bill, Drug Testing, Affirmative Action

by Teri McGrath

Love, the Oklahoma State Legislature

Do we need legislation to “send a message”? That personhood bill was meant to “send a message.” They straight up said that. That’s also what the gov. of Florida said when people pointed out to him that his bullshit drug-testing for poor people law was actually going to  COST money. “It sends a message.” And I think I remember when I heard that an Okie can get up to a life sentence for having hashish, the purpose there was to “send a message.” I’m pretty sure that the Stand Your Ground shit is meant to send a message, too. Banning Affirmative Action sends a message. Banning Sharia Law. Banning gay marriage. Fuck these people and their messages. The ballot box is not a Fox News poll. At least our legislators should know that. We need to get these useless fools out. And until we do, we need to pay a lot of attention to them. Maybe they just need help figuring out what to do with their power and responsibility.


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