Open Letter to Oklahoma State Legislators

Subject: Please vote “No” on the personhood bill

Dear Reps. Shannon and Coody,

This conflict is happening because there are serious problems with this legislation and with any attempt to ban abortion and control women’s bodies. But this bill is especially terrible. On the page of talking points for Personhood Oklahoma, they answer the criticism that this bill will make invitro fertilization i…llegal by noting that it will only make it very very difficult, and probably inaccessibly expensive. They say that “unintentional” miscarriages would not be investigated (can you tell me what an intentional miscarriage looks like? Falling down stairs? Being beaten up? Drinking?). It says that birth control which does not destroy a fertilized egg will still be legal. The morning after pill is not. MORNING AFTER. That is when the state begins to own our bodies. Please try and comprehend that statement. I beg you.

I’m sure you folks will have plenty of juicy anti-abortion bills to vote on in the future and show your stuff. This bill goes too far, and everyone knows it. Believe that. Everyone knows that this bill goes too far. We know it now. We will know it when it passes, and when it is defeated, at the expense of the tax payer, in court. We all know that this is for show. The woman who sponsored this bill said herself that it was meant to be a “policy statement.” It was meant to “send a message.” The resolution is enough of a message. You needn’t imprison women for the crime of being pregnant and clumsy. You needn’t deprive couples of their chance to have children. You needn’t be on the side that will be mocked in the national media and just destroyed by the passage of time and the inevitable evolution of our nation.

Please make Oklahoma look good for a change, and reject this terrible legislation. Please do. I will have a very deep respect for you because I know it is hard to change. And I know that you are probably being made to feel like you are voting against your faith, but surely you know that members of your faith are not always right. No matter how good their intentions are.

I am confident that if you stand with us on this bill, you will be glad you did. We have a lot of more important and more difficult things to argue about than this macabre theatre we’re engaged in now. I feel like I’m being beaten up by my legislature. Every day my leaders tell me in a new and horrifying way that I am not free. I am not completely in control of decisions about my body and my fate. I’m so busy fighting to preserve basic human rights, that I really haven’t even had time to figure out how I feel about the whole “let’s not pay taxes anymore” thing. I’d like to talk more about that. Can we? Please?

Thank you for your attention and your service to the state.

With respect.

My Vagina


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