Romney Election Special More and More Bizarre

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎As the election special powered by Mitt Romney goes about conjuring up dire circumstances caused by Barack Obama’s ‘failed policies’ ramps up, things are getting more and more bizarre. Romney held a press conference in front of an abandoned closed drywall plant in Ohio to tout his conjured up facts of the failures of President Obama. Problem with this scenario is that first of all the plant was closed during the Bush administration not the Obama administration. But what’s a few falsehoods among Romney woks?

Romney is now sliding back towards the center from his ‘severely conservative’ days of the endless GOP primary cycle and in doing so is now blaming not only the failures of the Bush presidency on Obama, but even perhaps the end to mom and apple pie as American symbols. No matter that it is Romney’s party that controls most state legislatures and the US House of Representatives. It’s Obama’s fault that George Bush wasn’t much of a president and it’s Obama’s fault that John ‘Tan and Tone America’ Boehner and his gang of no, no’s enacted a ‘scorched earth’ policy the minute they came to power in 2011.

Good luck Mitt my fine fellow. You can’t even find a poor background to tout. He uses his father George as an example of how a poor man goes from being poor to head of an auto company. George wasn’t really poor in the sense that we all understand poor. His family were middle class at a time when the middle class was exploding onto the scene, but Mitt can’t seem to get anything right.

He is touting as a way to get us going again (despite the fact the economy is growing and jobs are continuing to come back for some 20 months in a row) is to go back to the same polices enacted by Bush the lessor that got us into the mess we are digging out of now. He’s thinking it’s ‘deja vu all over again!’ Even Yogi Berra knows better than that.

But, all the good little right-wing conservatives are jumping on the bandwagon that is the Romney wreck of an express. Even Newty is endorsing Mitt and Rick ‘Good Hair’ Perry jumped on the Mittster Express today himself. Hanging tough still is good Ron Paul, of course Ron has been deadwood for several months and hardly leaves a blip on the media radar any more.

Romney is now in the process of re-inventing himself tacking back from the right heading for the center of the lake to try and out middle road Barack Obama. He hasn’t changed he is still the same ole same ole. It will be interesting to see how he flips all the flops he had to do during the primary season to sell himself and a true conservative when his long record proved conclusively he had long been a liberal in almost everything.

Of course people can change and they can go from liberal open minded ideas to rabid right-wing crazy. Charlton Heston is a great example as is the ‘Great Communicator’ Ronald Reagan. Heston once a leader in the union movement and a staunch supporter of civil rights transformed himself into a rabid NRA mouthpiece over a period of a few short years. Ronald Reagan also once a strong union support transformed himself into a rabid anti-union buster going from the President of the Screen Actors Guild strike leader to a anti-union president firing the Air Traffic Controllers.

But, Mitt has more flop in him than a case of those old computer floppy discs ever possibly could have. He helped write a Universal Health Care Law in Massachusetts and then said during the primaries that he should have vetoed his own bill. How’s that for a flip flop? He was once pro-choice now has said he will de fund Planned Parenthood if elected.

On almost every important issue he has went from pro to con, especially on social issues that are important to those on the lower rungs of society. He don’t care about the poor and disadvantaged. He doesn’t care about women. His fix for immigration is to pass a national Arizona-style law. He would deny not only public workers their right to collectively bargain, but outlaw it in the private sector as well. He would end Medicare as we know it and destroy Social Security.

He has alienated just about every segment of our society; from Hispanics to the poor, to women and workers. And he is the most clueless person I have ever seen running for president. He just doesn’t get it and I don’t believe he ever will! Whatever we do in November we need to do to defeat Mitt Romney. He is bad for our nation and he is bad for every single citizen that lives in it!” —– Bob Bearden


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