‎Who’s entitled? Those Who pay Into Social Security and Medicare

by Bob Murl Bearden
‎Who’s entitled? How is it that people who inherit everything they have are entitled to receive something for free they never worked for and yet those who pay into social security and medicare are considered government freeloaders?How come many of the rich are entitled to receive monies and benefits they earned only because of an accident of birth and those of the rest of us who have had to work for a living all of our lives don’t deserve to be rewarded with a secure retirement and adequate health insurance for having lead a productive and meaningful adult life?It has became a mantra of the ‘Party of No’ that the rich deserve what they get simply because they had a rich relative who had the great fortunate to die and leave them what he or she may have actually worked to earn. That… doesn’t make sense, of course, but a lot of people who never worked for what they have received a day in their life, believe that they deserve and we the other 99 percent don’t.This mind-set has became a political tool for Karl Rove, Mitt Romney and the likes of Rush Limbaugh and company. They convince millions of our citizens the rich are entitled and we are not.

The rich have rights the same as any citizen, but they don’t have super-rights that make them more deserving than the rest of our nation’s citizens. But, somehow many of our citizens who aren’t rich have come to believe that those among us who are rich are more deserving than ordinary citizens. They often believe that the wealthy among us deserve what they have because they have worked harder than the rest of us, which when you examine who’s has what is seldom true.

Most of the wealthy either inherited their wealth or had connections that gave them advantages that millions of their fellow citizens had no privy to. Despite what they would have you think there is no such thing as a self-made person. Some people perhaps have a higher IQ than others, but when you examine who’s successful and how they succeeded you more often than not find it had nothing to do with smarts or hard work. It often has to do with who you know or who your ancestor was.

Not everyone who is a millionaire is undeserving but there is no question that most of those among the upper 1 percent have had advantages unavailable to the average American citizen. No brag, just fact!” —– Bob Bearden


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