‎All Across the Nation

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎All across the nation and in Washington DC as well, people are attacking public employees and trying to take away their collective bargaining rights. They are attacking women and are taking away their rights in the name of religious convictions. They are calling the poor and disadvantaged lazy and shiftless and admonishing them to go out and get a job. Jobs? What jobs?

These same people are the ones who applauded Wall Street’s raping of America in 2007 and 2008. They are aligned with the 1 percent and believe that those who inherited their fortunes are more deserving than those among us who have had to work for everything we receive and for a lot of things we haven’t received but worked for to make the 1 percent richer so that they could now tell us we are lazy and shiftless.

We need to stop letting these people off the hook. They aren’t telling us the truth and the truth is it isn’t fair. I know life isn’t always fair, but that’s why our nation was founded on the principles of leveling the playing field making things fairer for all not just for a few whose ancestors left them with a silver spoon in their mouths and they thought they were self-made.

The Constitution says ‘We the people’, not we the rich people. Not we the people who inherited our riches. It says it plain as day – ‘We the people’! That’s meant to be all the people not just a select few who think that because their daddies and mommies hit a triple and they wound up on third base they had hit a home run and that they deserve more than the rest of us because of it.

It is time we stopped these people haters in their tracks and told them what is true and not what they have been told by Rush, Sarah, Glen and Bill O’Reilly. Mitt Romney is not our friend. Mitt made his mark not by hard work but because his daddy gave him a push up that most of the rest of us never had the opportunity to be fortunate enough to receive.

Mitt made his millions by outsourcing American jobs to third-world countries and downsizing companies, closing down factories and a term he enjoys repeating – “firing people”, not by any sweat of his brow.

Mitt and Rick and Newty and Ron Paul love to wear their so-called ‘Christian Values’ on their sleeves as if they are better Christians and have better values than me or you. But, they don’t and we have to stop letting them get by without challenge on their so-called religious values and beliefs. They are no better Christians nor patriots than me or you and we need to let them know that!

I am a patriot. I served my country honorably in time of crisis and I have good solid religious values too! My patriotism, my Christian beliefs and my Unionism, go hand in had, because as a follower of Jesus I believe, as He did, in practicing tolerance, peace, compassion, justice; in helping the poor and disadvantaged; in standing up for workers’ rights, for the rights of minorities, for the rights of women and for the right of every citizen to worship as they choose. To me that the essence of what it means to be a patriot, a Christian and a Unionist!” —– Bob Bearden



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