by Bob Murl Bearden ‎

It’s amazing that the same people who fawned all over Dubya’s Mission Accomplished grandstand stunt in 2003 are jumping all over President Obama for getting bin Laden, as if he had absolutely nothing to do with the operation. They accuse him of grandstanding and claiming he did what any other president would have done. But their Gosh Oh Golly Gee Knight In Shining Armor George W. Bush the lessor, gave up trying to get bin Laden and concentrated on getting someone who had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11.

They painted him a hero for taking out someone who, while he was not a hale fellow well met was not much of a threat to anyone save the people in his own nation. He spent billions upon billions of dollars getting Sadam Hussein thereby diverting funds and attention away from bin Laden the mastermind behind 9/11 and almost driving our nation into bankruptcy. How cool is that? What a Hero he was, right?

 It is very clear that no matter what Barack Obama does they are going to find ways to hate him. Let’s be perfectly clear Obama isn’t perfect, but all of the others are so much worse that he looks like a real Knight in Shining Armor comparatively speaking.

 Mitt Romney is the worst flip-flopper that ever came down the pike. He will say anything, do anything just to pick up one vote. His credibility is nil. And he tried to say that even Jimmy Carter would have went after bin Laden. Of course Carter would have. Jimmy Carter at least had the courage of his convictions and he stayed the course on who he was and what he would do, unlike Romney who will change his course the minute someone calls him out.

Romney is on record saying he wouldn’t waste, time energy or money on getting bin Laden, but now that our president had the gall to do what he wouldn’t have bothered with, he’s saying anyone would have done the same. Yeah Right? Anyone but Mitt Romney or George Bush the lessor, maybe.

Pick a thought and an issue Mitt and see if you can stick with it for at least more than 30 seconds. Mitt apparently suffers from ADT big time or perhaps he is to be pitied because he is suffering for an early onset of Alzheimer’s! Either way we should be sacred to death to have him sitting in the Oval Office making decisions for our nation.

How would that work? Will he have to check with Focus On Family or Karl Rove or the Koch Brothers before he makes a decision. He would have to at the very least see what direction the prevailing wind is blowing before he could decide what to do. He has changed positions and directions so much that no one can tell if he is going forward, sideways or backward. I vote for backwards.

All of the ways he has espoused to get our nation back on track have been the oft tried and failed policies of the past. We don’t need to be going back to those ‘thrilling days of yesteryear’. Clayton Moore is dead and so is Tonto! And besides they only saved the world from chaos once a week on Sunday evenings after supper! That won’t work for America anymore! We need real heroes like Barack Obama and Seal Team 6, and not Sunshine Patriots like Karl ‘Turd Blossom’ Rove or Sarah ‘Moose Killin’ Hockey Mom’ Palin, who fume and bluster and carp about what our president actually does and then do nothing of substance themselves!” —– Bob Bearden


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