‎Defense of Marriage Act

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎Defense of Marriage Act.  Marriage is between a man and a woman. You know that should really frost our private parts when you think about it. Especially when the statistics all show that a majority of heterosexual marriages end in divorce. And then you look at the divorce rates where gay marriages are permitted and the divorce rate among gays does not mirror that among heterosexuals. Go figure. Focus on Family and all of the anti-gay hate groups that blame gays and lesbians almost everything on the planet like to claim all sorts of reasons why gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry, but staying together as a family isn’t one of them.

I know that comparing the two is somewhat skewed because gay marriages haven’t been permitted for as long as heterosexual marriages, but given the growing… evidence it is a thing whose time has come. Statistics prove that gays who raise children in their marriages turn out more stable teenagers, who are normal (at least as we often define the term) and who aren’t predisposed to be gay either.

The facts when not filtered through the lens of hatred and prejudice show that gays, except for their sexual orientation lead very normal (again as the definitive definition of normal) and productive lives, even more so that the heterosexual population. They aren’t scary people and they look at life in much the same way as anyone else. They can’t be compartmentalized any more than heterosexuals are. As a segment of our population they tend to be more goal focused and civic minded than the general population. And that would be a bad thing why?

We as a nation and a people need to get over it and get on with it. Gays and lesbians are citizens and they are in the main very loyal and productive citizens. Whether they marry shouldn’t be of concern to anyone but themselves and their families. One thing is certain they aren’t going to infect anyone with homosexuality. It is time we quit letting those who hate and those who are bigoted control our lives. Hatred and bigotry are tools that a segment of our society uses to divide us and we should stand up and say no!” —– Bob Bearden


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  1. I believe that the record shows that Massachusett which was the first state to legalize marriage equality has one of the lowest divorce rates in the nation.

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