Tom Cole, Congress, Flat Tax, Oklahoma

“My personal preference is for the Flat Tax.”–Tom Cole



On Congressman, Oklahoma 4th District, Tom Cole’s website back in 2008, he stated  his view on the economy saying,

“America is facing some of the most significant economic challenges since the Great Depression.” – Tom Cole

That page has disappeared, but it was there. I assure you. The economy was in a mess.

Tom Cole to the Rescue

Cole’s solution to a scary situation was a  much-needed tax reform which, as all should know,  was one piece of the pie.  But then Tom went wild and said,

“My personal preference is for the Flat Tax.” – Tom Cole


That’s very interesting to say the least.   Why did Cole want a flat tax?  Beats all, yet that’s the question  Americans should have asked Tom, and  not just Oklahoma voters in the 4th Congressional district.  From his website we gathered what Cole said about taxes, but we wanted to check out what a few economists were…

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