Vote Against Own Best Interests Due to a Single Issue

forged wedge

by Bob Murl Bearden

‎It never ceases to amaze me how people can vote against their own best interests, just because of a single issue. A single issue that often has little impact or effect as to what happens in their lives save to polarize them on an issue, that seldom changes anything in their lives. Unlike what impact that changes in the economy will have on their lives and which is and should be the single most important issue in their lives.

It doesn’t make sense to be anti-something if you don’t know where your next meal is coming from. Hunger, one of the single most important issues in this nation and the world is spreading and growing and yet we have so many people who ignore the cause and effect of hunger and vote for their favorite anti-something issue, because they are passionate and committed to that issue.

Economic issues affect everything in our lives so why don’t we focus first on that and what it can and often does to devastate and make everything else meaningless. Being against something that we are passionate about is important, but if we lose our jobs because what is happening to the economy that issue becomes irrelevant and meaningless.

Hunger, poverty, and joblessness are the most important issues we are facing as a people and as a nation. We can’t continue to be distracted by wedge issues if we as a people and a nation won’t adequately address these issues and solve the problems they present to us. Contraception, abortion, and other wedge issues are tied disproportionately to the issue of hunger and poverty. Hunger and poverty are brought about because we in this nation do not provide our citizens a fair and living wage.

They as issues – abortion and contraception are important issues to a lot of our citizens, but the best way to address those issues is to raise the living standards for all of our citizens, to fix what needs to be fixed. Ease the burden of poverty and hunger by providing a living standard that includes – Universal Health Care; A job with fair benefits and decent wages. We can’t effectively address hunger and poverty unless we can begin to provide opportunities to all of our citizens for a fair and living wage.

Franklin Roosevelt in his 4th and final Inaugural Address in 1944 offered his ideas for a Workers’ Bill of Rights which included Universal Health Care and a Fair and Living Wage. As a nation, we were founded on the principles of providing not only for the common defense, but also for the general welfare which was meant to include all of our citizens not just a chosen few who.

We can continue to let wedge issues divide us and in doing so we will continue to wither and die as a nation. In doing so, we will continue to increase the rolls of the unemployed and the spread hunger to members of our society who have never known poverty nor hunger.

We can continue to hold our anti’s high and promote our dislikes and in the process become a backwater second-rate nation who only promotes more and more unwanted children into poverty or we can come together to fight not against each other but for each other and work on issues that are important to saving children who are born unwanted and sometimes unattended. Come together to work on issues that ‘Stamp Out Hunger‘ and pull people out of poverty.

Those are the issues that are important that give meaning to our lives. If we have no food to feed all the babies saved from abortions what have we accomplished? It will not break the cycle of poverty nor will it end hunger. If the babies we save have no food they will die from hunger so what have we accomplished?

Saving a baby isn’t just about preventing an abortion. Prevented abortions often wind up presenting our nation with another dilemma, which is how do we feed all of the unwanted children who we have saved from being aborted and who takes care of them when their mother’s and father’s won’t?

We can break the cycle of poverty and hunger and in doing so better address the cause of abortions, better press the case against abortion. But, outlawing contraception and abortion will only increase the rolls of hungry babies and do absolutely nothing to solve the real problem facing our nation and its citizens which are breaking the cycle of hunger and poverty.

All of the anti’s are tied to economics and that includes abortion and contraception. Unless we address the issues of poverty and hunger we will have only added to the problem!” —– Bob Bearden

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4 thoughts on “Vote Against Own Best Interests Due to a Single Issue

  1. I totally agree! It is frustrating to see so many poor families voting Republican because of their views on abortion. It’s like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders. We need to get out of this economic slump first and foremost, start investing in our nation.

  2. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    The title says it all….American voters can be very stupid, remember the mid term elections of 2010? Had Americans voted using logic, common sense and critical thinking, and not fear of a Black planet, the TeaTardedRepubliCANTS would not have America by the short hairs. Thank you Mr. Bob Murl Bearden, and the “okieprogressive” for this post.

  3. I once asked some folks demonstrating in front of a Planned Parenthood that didn’t even perform abortions if they would take care of the child, feed, clothe and nurture her and then send her to college. No one had an answer.

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